Equip Account Based Marketing Strategy With These Tools (2022)

60% of companies report that there has been at least 10% increase in revenue in the first year after Account Based Marketing


Many such companies that have adapted to account based marketing have witnessed tremendous growth in their revenue. 


About 70% increase in the number of opportunities has been witnessed by companies embracing account based marketing strategies. 


As we talk about these numbers, what do you think ABM brings with it to create a vast difference in the business outcomes?


What Is Account Based Marketing?


Marketing campaigns fetch better results when they are streamlined towards the niche audience. Account Based Marketing is based on the idea that all your marketing efforts are delivered to the target audience – which means you will get quicker and  qualified leads. 


An ABM campaign helps achieve –


  • Target prospects using buyer personas


Infotanks Media uses buyer personas to target prospects with marketing campaigns. The aim of any ABM campaign is to solve the persisting pain points of audiences and reach their business goals. If you’re wondering what buyer persona is – buyer personas give a more detailed overview about the target audience’s online buying behaviors and more.


  • Attract high-quality accounts


No wonder Account Based Marketing strategy attracts a target audience as per the business requirements. With the right techniques in place, it’s possible to attract the attention of every prospective audience. 


  • Equip campaigns with personalization


Marketing campaigns receive more response when these are personalized. Infotanks Media provides contact databases of your target audience that includes contact names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.


  •  Improved email marketing campaigns 


56% marketers strongly agree that personalized content in the email campaigns is a successful Account Based Marketing strategy. For email campaigns, what works best is personalized subject lines which drastically improves click-through rates and open rates. 


Infotanks Media provides an email marketing database that makes the Account Based Marketing even more effective. We have databases on three major areas – B2B, Healthcare, and Technographics. Our data experts scout data from the most reliable sources to help businesses find their prospects. 


What Makes Our Mailing List Service Unique?


Mailing list service from Infotanks Media is an easy choice for your business if you want a 95% data accuracy and email deliverability. We understand and analyze your requirements & deliver services within 4-5 business days. We must mention that our email marketing database for each client is updated every 30 days to maintain authenticity of data. 


This brings us to highlight that Account Based Marketing require tools that make the process easier & even more refined. These tools also give you the report and analysis of how your campaigns are doing. It’s simple to reflect on the metrics and work on the gaps.


Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Account Based Marketing tools –


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We offer a contact email listing service where you can access thousands of prospects that are your target audience. We carefully inspect the contact information while gathering data for our clients. Our datasets equip Account Based Marketing and make each ABM campaign successful. We have served over 2000 clients with our ABM marketing campaigns and still continue to do so. Our datasets are mainly based on b2b, technographics, and healthcare data. For pricing, please contact us at info@infotanksmedia.com.




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Datanyze by ZoomInfo uses technographics to identify prospective clients. Technographics data provided by Infotanks Media gives you information on the technology used by your prospects. Simply, you can approach prospects with a technographics based email marketing database. Datanyze tool helps in easy tracking of the technology stack, uses analytics to find new accounts, and more. You can try it for free as a Chrome extension which acts great for marketers.  



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InsideView is heavily used by marketers to search target audiences and gather insights about them. The information that you get is based on their contact details and any public activities that they are involved in. The knowledge about this is aimed to equip marketing campaigns with the right ideas. InsideView is one of the best Account Based Marketing platforms that provides detailed information to the marketers while making their work easier.


  1. Owler

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With a 4.2 rating on G2Crowd, Owler has a comprehensive enterprise solution, but its initial offering is completely free. Best part about Owler is that it sends daily activity snapshots of your target audience – with information mainly on funding and acquisition. As a business you get complete company information and real-time news. And, the ABM tool comes for free. Owler is a preferred choice for many marketers because of its quick results.


  1. Leadiro

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Leadiro is one of the most straightforward account based marketing tools -where you can find new prospects – applying advanced filters. Sounds interesting? You can also collect more information on your existing target companies. Wondering how much price you have to pay? Your pay depends on the number of contacts you want to download to CRM. Get to download five contacts per month. We suggest you better pay for the basic plan for more contacts. 


  1. HG Data


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HG Data comes with a lot of options for marketers – there are multiple solutions on offer. Get free Chrome extension of ‘HG Data for Salesforce Lite’. It works with Salesforce in order to display technographic data on the target companies. Technographics data reveal the tech stack of the companies you are looking to approach. With a better idea of what they want and what problems they face – campaigns can be personalized. HG Data Audience is a tool which is used to deliver messages to audiences. 


84% of organisations that have deployed ABM in their marketing strategies have witnessed an improvement in the reputation of their brand


This means if you haven’t adapted to Account Based Marketing platforms, you should do it now. Wait no more to see amazing results from your marketing campaigns. Most businesses today are devising several strategies out of which ABM is prominently doing great. 


Choose Infotanks Media

Infotanks Media is the best among all the other Account Based Marketing platforms. We have a high-quality email database house that caters to every business across industries. For the most accurate and relevant databases for your business, reach out to us today!

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