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Speed up the growth pace for your business by expanding the network of a B2B contact database with simplified ready-to-use B2B data services.

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    Acquire Contacts and headstart your Lead Generation instantly

    Drive sales and marketing strategies with insightful information from the B2B database, including company details, the contact information of sales leads, and more from 15+ data fields. Build a global presence by connecting to top decision-makers, c-level executives, and business professionals using B2B mailing lists. Get started with engaging multi-channel marketing campaigns such as email marketing, telemarketing, LinkedIn marketing, social media marketing, and direct mails. Engage with decision-makers, influencers, and leaders of different industries and your target companies with high quality, verified databases.


    B2B Database for Lead Generation

    Simplify the process of lead generation by getting full-access to your ideal prospects. Ensure 6x higher conversions with a guaranteed 95% contact data accuracy from IInfotanks. Close deals faster with ready-to-use B2B data, which includes only relevant contact details. Find and target your ideal prospects anywhere in the world when you buy B2B mailing lists. IInfotanks covers data from different industries, locations, technologies, and more. You can even customize the database as per your requirements.

    B2B Contact Database for Paid Advertising

    Pay per click advertising allows you to promote specific ads across search engines to motivate their users to visit your website. The lightning-fast auction system determines your position on search results. B2B data purchase for paid advertising ensures your search visibility even if you aren’t naturally ranking with search engine optimization. IInfotanks can customize your data requirements and make it accessible to use them for your paid advertising campaigns effectively.


    B2B Data for Multi-channel Marketing

    B2B marketing can cater across different channels through a data-driven approach. B2B data purchase for marketing can enable you to perform highly targeted campaigns. IInfotanks allows you to customize data points choosing between 15+ fields. Use the acquired data for multi-channel marketing campaigns, including email, social media, direct mails, and mobile marketing. Multiple and diverse marketing channels enable you to get more attraction.

    B2B Email list for Email Marketing

    Email marketing can derive 4200% ROI using the B2B email list. Compared to social media channels, emails are 40% more effective with conversions. Using B2B lists, you can personalize your campaigns to ensure more engagement. Segmentation also increases the open campaign rates by 39%. Keeping your prospects engaged increases the chances of their conversion. Accelerate your email marketing strategies with a global outreach when you buy B2B mailing lists.


    B2B Contact Data for Digital Marketing

    Reaching out to your target audience requires a strong digital presence. Search engine optimization helps in organically growing your business online. Providing relevant information, answering the most popular queries, and keeping the content easy to read and understand can increase your chances of going up the ladder in search results. IInfotanks is among the best data services to identify and enhance new and different revenue streams with an accurate database.

    Telemarketing with B2B Data Services

    A high-quality database forms the foundation of any telemarketing strategy. Promote your business and build your brand with telemarketing for a focused and personalized approach towards marketing. Proactively target top-level decision-makers, professionals, and executives for a quick turnaround time. Bridge the geographical distance by connecting to your potential customers from anywhere around the world. Get access to the most relevant and accurate contact database of your prospects with IInfotanks.

    Data driven Marketing Services

    Leverage competitive business offerings to amplify Lead Generation

    Level-up your sales and marketing growth strategies with IInfotanks by acquiring accurate contact B2B sales leads databases of highly interested potential customers.


    Generate 6x Greater ROI

    Create data-driven lead generation campaigns using a fully verified and validated business database for maximum conversion


    Quick Turnaround Time

    Focus on key decision-makers, influencers, and relevant professionals to get started with sales, profit, and revenue generation


    Target Relevant Markets

    Optimize your sales resources by directing business outreach towards companies that will convert into profit generators


    Expand Business Outreach

    Improve sales forecast, revenue growth, and business outreach for building profitable & long-term revenue-generating partnerships


    Real-time Data Updates

    Drive productivity across different departments with accurate and regularly updated contacts of profit-generating leads


    Verified Data Compliance

    Acquire GDPR compliant data, which is validated through AI tools and manually for completeness and relevance

    Move ahead of your competition to achieve your business goals

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      B2B data builds the core of data-driven marketing and sales campaigns. It includes data points such as company size, job titles, job levels, industries, and more with a choice of 15+ data fields. It is a crucial business marketing resource to acquire high intent leads and generate more revenue channels by performing multi-channel marketing. B2B database is any information that is about your target audience. It includes firmographics and demographics insights about your potential customers.

      B2B Marketing can be broadly divided into digital and offline marketing. Digital marketing for B2B customers includes the following:

      • High performing website
      • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Content Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Pay per click Advertising
      • Digital Marketing
      • Referral Marketing
      • Marketing Automation
      • Lead Nurturing
      • Lead Generation

      For data-driven B2B marketing strategies, contact IInfotanks. Our B2B data services can enable you to acquire qualified leads and generate more revenue through long-term business relationships. To get a complete data-driven marketing solution, write to us at [email protected]

      • To ensure the highest accuracy of data, we stamp all records and validate every business.
      • Data is extracted from public records of county courthouse filings, SEC, 10k filings, and Secretary of State data.
      • Data cleansing is an ongoing monthly process of matching it with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4, and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.
      • Integrating several data analytic and mining tools – both proprietary and third-party – we identify specific companies and their possible IT infrastructure.
      • Experts and researchers further verify data through email campaign send-outs, firmographic research, and manual contact validations.
      • We prioritize sharing only high-quality and the most useful data.

      At IInfotanks, we enable you to choose from nearly 200 industries, 15 departments, 15 job levels, 20 data fields, different employee sizes, and other firmographic and demographic filters. We let you fully customize your database as per your requirements. For a better understanding, you can request sample data at [email protected]

      The data acquisition process at IInfotanks broadly includes the following steps:

      • Analyze: Our data experts gather information from you to understand your target audience. Your buyer persona helps in segmenting your target market and identifying key decision-makers.
      • Preview With the acquired information, our team of researchers define contact counts and provide sample previews. This is followed by a transparent pricing policy to ensure guarantee and commitment.
      • Review Once the data is collected, it is verified and validated through a stringent compliance process using our AI tools. A final review is conducted through our manual verification team to ensure data integrity.
      • Deliver After the internal compliance is fully processed, the data is delivered to you with an assured 95% contact data accuracy and 95% email deliverability.

      Yes, our B2B data services provide data segmentation based on your requirements. We can categorize the data into custom groups and departments for easy access and integration. Our ready to use databases get integrated with all CRMs and ESPs.