101 Content Marketing Strategies To Boost Lead Generation 

 101 Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Lead Generation

Content marketing is about sending out the right business message to the right people. Content is everything today – whether social media or ads – content makes or breaks a deal. 

Marketers have increasingly adapted to newer ways of carrying out content marketing. They have understood the importance of having quality content to speak about their brand.

Unsurprisingly, every brand is closing the gap between a company and its customers by selecting and delivering customized content. The goal is to get the target audience to stop and look at the material.

One of the key purposes of content marketing is brand recognition. When done properly, you can raise brand awareness among your target demographic.

How to generate leads through Content Marketing?

It’s a tough job, but someone has to roll up the metaphorical sleeves and get the content marketing ball rolling. Once you have a content marketing blueprint in place to complement your lead generation campaign, the sweet rewards are worth it!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to developing your content marketing plan, all the way from initial goal setting to ongoing updates to keep your content fresh. Let’s jump in.

1. Set Your Target Audience

Looking more closely at your buyer personas and conducting market research are the greatest ways to achieve that. They are wonderful assets for content marketing tactics since they are fictionalized versions of your target clients.

As a starting point, use these characters to produce material that your audience would find appealing (keeping content marketing trends in mind as well). After all, you’re developing a content marketing strategy to produce more leads, therefore the content you produce should have your target clients in mind.

The best way to crack your prospects’ real needs and wants is to turn to commercial keywords. No crystal ball nor mind-reading skills are required!

You can unravel your prospect’s deepest pain points by pouring over data in Google Search Console or SEMRush, as well as conducting surveys and interviews.

Your customer service crew and sales team should not be overlooked as well. After all, they’re the ones who get to interact frequently with your prospects and customers.

Consider examining the following key areas during surveys and interviews:

  • Basic Demographic Details

  • Job Roles and Responsibilities

  • The main source of information/entertainment

  • Challenges and pain points

  • Common Life Goals

  • Common Objections

  • Role in the purchasing decisions

  • Common words or terms used during interaction with customer services and sales

2. Content that complements your audience

You must put emphasis on producing high-quality content for your audience when using a lead-generating content marketing approach.

While producing excellent content is crucial, spreading it across all available platforms should come first. Because content doesn’t advertise itself, this is the reason. It must be made available so that potential customers can read it, become informed, and pass it along to their friends.

Therefore, in addition to creating excellent material, it is also your responsibility to make sure the correct audience sees it.

Collaborating with businesses is not only a terrific way to distribute, target, monitor, and advertise your content, connect with, and engage with target audiences around the world, but it also helps to produce valuable backlinks, which will help to speed up content discovery.

3. Choose your Distribution Networks

It’s one thing to create content, but quite another to persuade others to view it. Selecting the marketing channel mix you’ll use to distribute your content is crucial.

Organic or paid channels are the two basic ways to disseminate material.

Starting up organic distribution channels doesn’t cost any money. The greatest option if you’re on a tight budget is definitely to use organic channels.

The only drawback to organic channels is that it takes time to establish a reputation and authority online. It may take a few months before you start noticing noticeable results because they develop gradually.


4. Make it Personalized

It’s outdated to cater to each target niche with the same pieces of material. Every marketing strategy you choose benefits from personalization.

It appeals to people’s minds and makes them feel special and cared for. In the end, it forces them to act and go through your conversion funnel.

Personalization can be as straightforward and intricate as you choose. It’s up to you whether you want to focus on the website experience as a whole or simply the reader’s first name in the email.

Online behemoths like Uberflip assist businesses in centralizing their content to develop tailored user experiences across all of their marketing initiatives. Don’t push your products at the wrong time, either. Be more strategic about it instead.


5. Keep Updating!

Time for some bad news: After you’ve distributed your content and started counting your leads, you’re not exactly done.

So make room for monitoring the performance of your content and then updating as needed. That way, you’re content can always be generating leads for your business in the background. A content audit could really help you out here! 

6. Initiate Conversion Paths

Establishing conversion paths help ensure that prospects and customers will reach your landing page. This step can be further broken down into the following components:

Call to Action

Distribute CTA buttons throughout your site — from individual blog posts to your homepage to your resources section. Do not overdo this tactic, though.

Strike a balance between conversion optimization and a smooth user experience.

Thank You Page

Your Thank You page should have a link to the offer for which your prospect signed up. Adding social sharing buttons is also an excellent way to encourage visitors to share your content.

Also, don’t be afraid to promote a second content offer on your Thank You page. This gives you an excellent opportunity to drive prospects down the funnel while also progressively profiling them through smart forms.

Actionable Lead Generation Tips

4 1

Self-serving content should never be produced. Prospects are intelligent enough to distinguish between a genuine thought leader and a pushy salesperson. You won’t need to put in extra effort to promote your content if you consistently create pieces that profoundly connect with your audience. Your audience will carry out your task for you!

Run contests! Campaigns like contests, according to HubSpot, see an average audience gain of 34% while a third of participants opt-in to receive information from brands and their partners. More likely to generate high-quality leads than giving away an iPad is giving away rewards that are directly related to what you offer (such as a free 3-month subscription to your online course or a full set of gardening tools if you run a gardening supply business).

Build a library of strikingly useful content that specifically benefits your target personas. You can consequently use them as gated content (guides for example).

Don’t be overly generous. Focus on offering benefits that your rivals’ strategies are missing. So they’re serving up blog post tidbits? Create webinars! Marketers who expand their webinar strategy are rewarded with greater prospects for return on investment. Additionally, webinars are most economical when strategically placed across the marketing funnel.

Automate your email marketing campaign to make it more human. In fact, personalized email promotions have 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates than their non-personalized counterparts.

Change your email times and use headlines that correspond to your targeted prospect’s time zones. Nothing feels more sincere than an email sent at the end of the day and headlined with “How was your day?”.

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