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75% of users judge the credibility of a business based on the website design. Make your website design speak for itself with IInfotanks’s web development services.

Easy Navigation

Fast loading web pages and easy navigation are two key factors that attract visitors. Make your traffic stay longer on your website with easy navigation features. Have a search button for easier access to what your visitor is looking to explore.


SEO Optimized

An SEO optimized website always ranks higher in the search results. Title tags, keyword usage, linking, and others are part of SEO optimization. SEO is directly related to web development services. We make your website optimized to become more user friendly.

Visual Content

Web development recovers a website from becoming text-heavy. IInfotanks offers the best UI design and adds more images to the website. We follow search engine optimization guidelines while posting photos. Images capture more attention from visitors.


Good-quality Content

Users search to find information along with services. A vital element of a good website design is to have good quality content. Enhance opportunities as more traffic gets generated into your website to find quality content. Rank higher in the search engines using relevant content on your website.

Reach Out to new Clients

The best UX websites aim at reaching out to more clients. Keep the business growing with IInfotanks – a UI UX design agency that knows how to do it. Our team of web designers and developers always keep up your website with unique elements to attract visitors.


Improved User Experience

Responsive websites lead to a better user experience. IInfotanks assures that your visitors will find it exciting and attractive to stay on your website for long. As they navigate through the website, they will have a great user experience.

Increase in Mobile Traffic

About 52% of website traffic is generated from mobile devices. Visitors access everything from their mobile devices now. It becomes increasingly important that you pay attention to mobile optimization if you have not already.


Easy on Maintenance

Optimize website maintenance with simple and easy UI and UX designs and development. Focus on marketing your brand through A/B Testing, product or content development, and customer service with IInfotanks.

Higher Conversion Rates

Expect higher conversion rates with users spending more time on your website. IInfotanks ensures greater website traffic with engaging content and exciting designs. We make every bit of their user experience great.


Interactive Design

Engage your website visitors with interactive designs by IInfotanks. We have our team of talented designers who understand your services and create strategies accordingly. Enhance the urge among users to find interest in your services.

Information Architecture

Provide easy access and navigation to your website with information architecture. The visitors need to experience smooth and hassle-free access to your website, irrespective of the browser they are using.



Check the presentation of your website or application with wireframing. It involves checking the initial presentation, features, and usability of the website. Our team of experts specializes in creating wireframes before they finalize a website.


Create a lasting impression on your visitors with great usability. A user-friendly website attracts more responses from visitors. Increase the rate of conversions with a website that is easier to navigate.


Visual Design

The look and feel of the website are all within the visual design. IInfotanks ensures excellent visual design. We have our team of designers who know which designs work best for a business.

Optimized Experience

Web design and development collaborate to suggest improvements to the user experience and interaction based on latest trends. Elevate your business with an optimized UI and better customer experience.

Data driven Marketing Services

Generate More Leads With Impressive Web Design and Development From IInfotanks

38% of website visitors will stop engaging in your website if they don't find your website content or layout appealing. IInfotanks specializes in revamping your web design and development with the latest trends and guidelines suitable for your business.


Clear User Interface

Enhance website clarity and navigation by focusing on the user interface. Provide a pleasant user experience with the latest design trends. A user interface helps prevent errors, highlights essential information, and contributes to a better understanding of business offerings.


Uncomplicated Design & Layout

Increase website conversions with a simple yet effective website design. Easy navigation, and simple designs help in building brand trust and identity. It increases website visitors, improves conversions and leads generations with detailed business offerings and optimized user experience.


Responsive Design Implementation

Increase user engagement with a responsive design. Optimize your website based on different devices to ensure a uniform user flow. Generate more leads with effective design and consistent user experience by IInfotanks that encourage clicks and form fills.

Email Marketing

Consistent Browser Experience

Consistency ensures that your website looks coherent and works uniformly across all browsers and devices. Every visitor must have the same impression and a uniform experience when they browse across the different pages of your website on different devices.


Attract Web Traffic

Building a strong web presence requires an attractive design that brings more visitors to your website. IInfotanks follows the industry best practices to design and develop websites that are targeted to optimize web traffic and leads for conversions.


Efficiency Drives Conversions

User interface and visual designs need efficient user experience to drive more conversions and lead generation. Provide simple and hassle-free website design and navigation with IInfotanks. Build high converting websites with innovative designs to boost your user experience.

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    A website development company's role is to check the overall web design and development of a website. UI and UX design form an essential part of their work. Designers and developers apply their skills and knowledge to offer you the best website. Web design and development ensure that every bit of a website appeals to the visitors and showcases services properly. Most parts of lead generation and increase in sales depend on the quality of the website. A website development company like IInfotanks specializes in creating websites that appeal to every visitor. With simple yet engaging designs, we help you have a website that speaks about your business. IInfotanks promises you with -

    UI/UX development is important for a great user experience and customer satisfaction to increase website traffic. Great UI and UX usually enhances the confidence of visitors as they find your website worth visiting. Make it more interesting for your visitors with our UI/UX development services. Increase conversions and generate leads instantly.

    To increase sales of your business, you must seek IInfotanks's UI/UX development. Improve the user experience of your website with our UI and UX design services. Attract more website traffic with a unique website design. Generate more leads as you see more visitors to your website.

    The best way to keep up with the latest design trends is to avail of the design services offered by IInfotanks. We are always updated with the new design trends. Our team of designers understands your business requirements. Get a simple yet effective website design that is responsive, consistent, and appealing. Increased conversion rates, new clients, and a good-quality website is what you get.

    Both UI and UX combine to deliver an efficient website. Key components of any UI/UX design -

    • Strategy: Analyzing various parameters related to the services or products within the website is having a strategy. The strategy ensures that the objectives of the business in offering the services or products is clear. Users can clearly understand what they find on the website.
    • Utility: The utility is to showcase the appropriate products or services for the visitors on the website. Engaging visitors is possible only when they find relevant information clearly shown on your website.
    • Credibility: Present your website to encourage visitors to be assured that your information is accurate. A website should convince visitors regarding the credibility of your services and products.
    • Accessibility: Website visitors look for accessibility in all areas. Whether it is the user experience or the services they want to try out. Promising accessibility to your users always makes your efforts successful.