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80% of business professionals agree that email marketing increases customer retention. Choose the best email marketing companies like IInfotanks.

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Know The Target Audience

The first step that the best email marketing companies adopt is to have a deep understanding of target audiences. Our email marketing team finds out granular details of the audience. IInfotanks gathers critical information and insights on the audience the email marketing campaigns are directed to. Making smart changes to the email campaigns can bring about a big change in the way prospects reciprocate.

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Segmenting The Email Lists

Have a higher engagement targeting audiences on specific characteristics. Depending on factors like demographics, buying timings, buying behavior, segment audiences. It is another way of knowing the target audience more effectively. Our team ensures that there is enough detailed information on prospects for segmentation. Segmenting email lists also makes email marketing campaigns seamless. Our aim is to reach and push the audiences to click and open emails.

Implementing Email A/B Testing

Our email campaign managers always implement A/B testing on every part of an email. IInfotanks, the best email marketing provider, checks subject lines to CTA buttons in A/B testing. Employing A/B testing gives a clear understanding of what target audiences want. Every part of the email campaigns must captivate the attention of the audience. Increase open rates, enhance conversion rates and generate leads.

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Personalized Content Captures Attention

With the use of the best email marketing tool, IInfotanks provides personalization as a priority. Increase engagement and conversion rates with personalization in email campaigns. Make the email marketing approach unique with personalized experiences at every step for the audience. Personalized content increases open rates and click through rates. Subject lines must be personalized to push the audience to click instantly.

Schedule Emails With Automation

Automated email marketing tools ensure the scheduling of emails. It is ideal for sending emails after knowing about the target audience and their requirements. Email campaigns sent at the right time that work best for the target audience have a higher chance of open rates. Get more responses from the target audience. Engage the audience at their suitable timings. Our experts prefer off hours as the best time to send emails.

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Landing Pages in Emails

Owing to the stage in the email marketing process, adding landing pages to emails is a good idea. But, the landing pages must resonate with the email campaign. Our experts assure the audiences with top-quality content. The intention is to assure the audience that the information they receive is flawless and consistent. Tracking tools help to track the progress of email campaigns and landing pages.

Filtering Emails Lists Regularly

Our email campaign experts track accounts who have not opted out, but still not opening emails. Reaching prospects with possibilities is better than reaching too many prospects with no response. The quality of open rates is maintained by filtering out accounts that do not show any activity removing such accounts from the list streamlines email marketing campaigns.

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Maintain Consistent Email Design

Even while providing personalized content to target audiences, our team aligns email design with the brand. The email campaigns must resonate with the ideas, concepts, and designs found on the website of a business. The audience must know where the email campaigns are coming from. IInfotanks has designers who know how to speak the language of a brand in email campaigns through design.

Choosing Right Email Frequency

The email campaigns must be sent to the audiences at the right frequency. Our team chooses the number of emails to send on the basis of the audience. Once a week, newsletters also play a key role in attracting the attention of audiences and compelling them to click and open the emails. To maximize ROI, plan email campaigns frequency as per the conversion results tested over a time period.

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Attention On Email Deliverability

Make email campaigns successful with high email deliverability. Our team of experts ensures quality email content, email frequency, and list segmentation to gain higher deliverability. Focus on creating excellent content for adding in the email campaigns that capture the target audience. Send email campaigns as many times as audiences prefer, depending on their responses

Audit Email Campaigns Regularly

Keep the communication with the target audience updated with relevant information. Depend on automation to send email campaigns at the right timings. Our campaign managers ensure that the information contained in each email is updated and relevant to the ongoing conversations. IInfotanks aims at auditing automated email communication as a standard procedure. Increase engagement, conversion rates, and generate leads accordingly.

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Increase Conversion Rates With IInfotanks’s Email Marketing Services

59% of respondents say that their purchase decisions are influenced by engaging marketing emails. IInfotanks provides the most suitable email campaigns for your business.


Unique Conversion Funnel

Our email marketing strategy involves strategic planning. Each email campaign is optimized to maximize lead generation. Segmenting prospects on user behavior, buying behavior, demographics, etc., is essential to streamline the approach. Each prospect gets personalized email campaigns tailored to their services or relevance.

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Ensuring Lead Nurturing

More than guaranteeing conversions, our services ensure lead nurturing. It depends upon the audience whether they find the email campaign relevant or not. But, providing relevant information generates healthy communication between both sides. For long-term business collaborations, lead nurturing is a must.


Data Inclusive Automation

Data-driven email marketing leads to engagement. Automation that includes relevant and accurate data keeps the communication going. At regular intervals, the audience is approached with relevant information about products or services. It improves the open rate and click-through rate. Our services utilize automation to reach conversion goals.

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High Deliverability Rate

Our goal is to filter out spam or invalid emails that are ignored by audiences. Through various compliance tools, our experts ensure that only valid email campaigns reach the target audience. Email hygiene is maintained and sent to ensure 90% deliverability.

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Following Best Practices

Our team of experts is dedicated to following only the best practices in email marketing. Content writers, designers, and campaign managers work collaboratively to provide seamless experiences. For any queries or doubts, our team is available 24x5 to help out solve them.

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Higher Conversion Rates

IInfotanks follows a unique approach in providing email marketing services. Our goal is to help create personalized and relevant campaigns that stand true in explaining or talking about products and services. Our email campaigns fetch more responses than any other as we follow customer-appropriate strategies.

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    Through email marketing, promote products or services of a business. It is considered an easy tool used for marketing campaigns. Both as direct marketing and digital marketing, email marketing stands as a powerful marketing channel. By the use of emails, promote the offerings of business and reach out to maximum audiences. Email marketing leads to lead generation, brand awareness, building relationships, or keeping customers engaged. IInfotanks offers the most efficient email marketing services.

    IInfotanks provides the best email marketing tool to promote business offerings. Our email marketing services ensure quality lead generation. Emails are created to build the reputation of a business among the audiences that are maintained for a long. Our services help you connect current and prospective clients by leveraging digital channels such as social media, email, search engines, and more. Expect effective awareness generation campaigns and a guaranteed increase in ROI.

    Our services are tailor-made to suit the needs of customers. Marketing emails depend on the business type and their target audience—Infotanks Media aces all the four types of email marketing.

    • Information emails: Focused on any specific offer or product announcement
    • Digital newsletters: Summary of recently created content
    • Product update: Alerts about a new product or an update to existing products
    • Transactional emails: Sent to one customer at a time, based on an action

    Our email marketing services are aligned with the rules that apply to it and make it successful in promoting businesses among the target audience.

    • Modify Email Lists: We delete the email addresses of customers that do not open emails
    • Off Hours Emails: Audiences read emails more after their office hours
    • Relevant Subject Lines: Short and relevant subject lines get more attention
    • Use First Names: Use first names of prospects unless their formality is necessary
    • Show Some Uniqueness: Turn the attention of the audience with unique personalized content

    Time-tested email marketing campaigns have helped IInfotanks build the ideal email strategy. It changes and gets modified while providing unique personalized experiences for each audience. Our services are streamlined in a way that brings the best results out of email campaigns.

    • Defined Goals: Have a plan or an idea of what the outcome of email campaigns will be.
    • Segment Lists: Segment email lists based on parameters like buying behavior
    • Subject Lines: Compelling subject lines work best to attract audience attention
    • Right Time: Create quality content and send it at the right time depending on audiences
    • A/B Testing: A/B testing email marketing campaigns help to fetch better results
    • Schedule Emails: Schedule email timings and maintain that during the customer journey
    • Mobile Optimization: Optimizing emails for mobiles increase the open email rates
    • Unsubscribe Button: Keep unsubscribe button to know which audiences are not interested