We’re rebranding ourselves from Infotanks Media to IInfotanks

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Introducing IInfotanks: The Evolution from Infotanks Media

At IInfotanks, we are embarking on an exciting chapter — rebranding from Infotanks Media to IInfotanks. A new name, a fresh approach, and a renewed sense of hope define this decision. It underscores our commitment to clarity, innovation, and aligning our brand identity with the values that define us.

As a consulting company, we are dedicated to meeting all the consulting needs of our clientele. In 2021, we initiated our lead generation venture, and today, we’ve evolved into a company offering data, digital marketing, and recruitment services in India and the US.

Read ahead to align with our journey, witnessing our transformation into a more powerful, engaged, and dedicated company.

Why the Change?

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Our sense of purpose has evolved into a more significant and imperative force within our organization. As we advance our services and diligently focus on organizational betterment, the rebranding from Infotanks Media to IInfotanks carries profound meaning. The ‘I’ in IInfotanks encapsulates crucial aspects of our brand:

Intelligence: Our commitment to delivering intelligent solutions tailored to diverse client needs is emphasized. The rebranding underscores our dedication to providing cutting-edge, data-driven services.

Innovation: Innovation is paramount for any business and our rebranding reflects our commitment to staying ahead of the curve. We are dedicated to continuously evolving to meet the challenges of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Integer: The ‘i’ also symbolizes a numeral, reflecting the enhancement of our services and the outcomes we predict and bring to your company. This underscores our dedication to providing the most vital function of our brand. This rebranding is more than a change in name; it’s a reflection of our deepened commitment and enhanced capabilities to serve you with intelligence, innovation, and integrity.

Our Core Pillars

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Simplifying our brand name to IInfotanks not only streamlines our identity but also enhances communication. This new metamorphosis is built on three significant pillars: Data, Digital Marketing, and Recruitment.

The ‘Data’ pillar encompasses B2B Data, Healthcare Data, Technographics Data, ABM, Email Marketing, Data Appending, Profile Enrichment, and Global B2B Data.

The ‘Digital’ pillar is indicative of Lead Generation, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Email Listing.

Finally, the ‘Recruitment’ pillar is dedicated to top-notch onboarding and hiring in both India and the US.

What Remains Unchanged?

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While our name is evolving, our commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and delivering unparalleled services remains unwavering. IInfotanks is more than just a name change; it’s a symbol of our ongoing dedication to your success.
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