Technographic Data – What, Why, & Use Of It?


Quick question: If you don’t know what technographics data means, then how do you know about the technology stack of your target audience?


The answer to this question itself reveals the role of technographics. Having technographics data makes your marketing campaigns successful. How? Well, when you have the knowledge of the pain points of software or hardware usage of your target audience, it’s easier to approach them with relevant products or services. 


Digital transformation has become a priority among organisations – 70% of organisations have already adapted to the digital strategies in order to improve digital service. The importance of digital service solutions can be found in every aspect of business processes now. That is why it’s equally essential to get in-depth knowledge of what’s going on technologically in other organisations.


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We would like to explain this with an example. For instance, your target audience is a company that needs software solutions. You as a provider of software solutions would want to approach this audience, address their pain points, and offer your solutions.  In this, what may stand as an obstacle is – how would you find these contacts? The ideal way to find it is through email marketing lists. And, who other than Infotanks Media can give you the best mailing list service?


What Is Technographics Data?

Technographics data gives you a fair idea about the software and hardware installed in the premise of your target audience. With a fully-equipped email database, you will get the contact information about the audience such as their contact names, phone numbers, email addresses, job descriptions, job locations, and a lot more. Having such information in hand takes you closer to the target audience and increases conversion rates. One thing that many don’t take seriously is having a quality email database. Choose the best mailing list service – Infotanks Media – to make marketing campaigns successful.


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Why Does Technographic Data Matter?


Technographic data stands important for all organizations willing to sell their solutions to the relevant audience. The connection between your target audience and you can happen only through a custom-built email list. At Infotanks Media, we provide customized email marketing lists that have information about the target audience. Having technographics data in place can be a key driving factor in your marketing strategies. Technographics data precisely determines the technology stack of target audiences, thereby identifying them better and making marketing approaches more refined. 


81% of those who have access to technographic data make them more prepared to talk to sales professionals



Why Do You Need Technographic Data?


The use of technographic data is best observed when you have the email mailing list with you. We can list down some important uses of technographic data and how it can help you elevate your marketing efforts. 


  • Account-based marketing (ABM)


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With the help of technographics data, marketers can identify and approach audiences accordingly. Account-based marketing comes in where marketing campaigns or efforts are directed to only relevant accounts. Streamlined marketing campaigns work better than generic ones. Technographics can help marketers to find out about the key accounts and generate all the resources towards them.


  • Personalized campaigns


Best email list service like us offers an email mailing list that has all the information you need to know about target audiences. Knowing every professional detail about the audience gives you an edge to create personalized campaigns for them. Technology profile of each target audience creates room for more engagement with them. Hence, expect an increase in conversions and retention rates. 


  • Technology intelligence


With technology intelligence (IT) companies predict any threats or opportunities that affect the growth of a business. Through technographic data you can identify accounts that were not previously part of the TAM or total addressable market. Combined knowledge from technographic email marketing list and other data models contribute to an in-depth understanding of the competitors’ tech stack.


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All these things considered make Infotanks Media one of the best technographics data providers in the industry. We provide 95% data accuracy and email deliverability. 


What Is The Use Of Technographic Data?


By now, we have convinced you enough to believe that technographic data is beneficial.  Let’s have a look at how you can make use of technographics data.

  • Target Audience- Technographics data gives a more clear picture of your audiences. Increase conversions and explore more business opportunities with these target audience. Discover what they want in their technology stack and find out what they need.
  • Significant conversions improvement- Fact: 63% of sales representatives spend time on work that doesn’t generate revenue. But, with technographics email list, you will better approach the right audience and drive traffic to your website.
  • Improve customer retention- Retaining customers is important for all businesses across industries. Businesses can identify at-risk accounts by gathering insights from technographics email mailing list & address the customer base. 


Technographics mailing list service from Infotanks Media is a reliable choice. If you are looking for quality email lists that give you proper information about the target audience, then look no further. Technographics data has the potential to give you a complete overview of how things are running in organisations.


What Makes Us The Ultimate Choice?

Infotanks Media stands as the ideal choice when it comes to technographic data. Our email mailing list is considered the best in the industry because of its efficiency and reliability. We deliver a 95% data accuracy and email deliverability. Our data team scouts information from the most reliable sources. We guarantee results from our datasets that are updated every 30 days. There are few data providers that offer technographics data along with B2B and healthcare data. For those who want to know the tech stack of your audience fast & easy, contact us today. To get to us directly, write to us at


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