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Developing Content Marketing Strategy To Assure Qualified Lead Generation


“Nearly 40% of marketers say that content marketing is a very crucial part of their overall marketing strategy”(HubSpot 2020)


Content marketing is about sending out the right business message to the right people. Content is everything today – whether social media or ads – content makes or breaks a deal. Marketers have increasingly adapted to the newer ways of carrying out content marketing. They have understood the importance of having quality content to speak about their brand. 


Not surprisingly, you will see every brand is bridging the gap between a business and customers by curating & implementing personalized content. The aim is to push the target audience to stop and view the content. Brand awareness is one of the primary goals of content marketing. If done correctly, you can create brand awareness among your niche audience. 


What is Content Marketing?


The best content marketing strategy is about marketing products or promoting services to the target audiences. It can be done across social media channels and through ad campaigns. At Infotanks Media, we have the most suitable content marketing strategy template that caters to every business type.




But, hey, the purpose of content marketing doesn’t end with just getting visitors to your website. The whole idea of making a content marketing strategy successful is to drive qualified leads. Our content marketing strategy template is created in such a way that guarantees maximum results. 


“86% of companies prefer to produce blogs in comparison to other formats” –  (SEMrush, 2019)


Organizations are increasingly trying to include posting blogs as a part of their content marketing strategy b2b. Having an active ‘blogs’ section on the website adds a tremendous free resource for the audience. Blogs can also help in getting organic traffic that might turn into qualified leads. The trick is to produce excellent blog content that has lead-generating aspects and something to learn from. 


What you can expect from Infotanks Media’s blog writing:


  • Crisp and relevant content
  • SEO optimized blogs
  • Discussion on latest facts


Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?


Social media marketing stands as the most important way of communicating with target audiences, thereby increasing opportunities for sales. Social media is used and accessed by almost everybody now – which means all the audiences you want to reach are there on social media channels. The very idea of social media emanated from the place where you can reach out to each audience with personalized content.




Social network marketing strategy gets better when you have the correct information about your target audience & you’ve built a buyer persona of them. The best is if you have access to an email list for marketing. Purchasing email lists for marketing from a trusted data partner is an excellent choice to make at this point. Having an email list for marketing gets you all the vital information you need to reach your target audience. 


Purchasing email lists for marketing from us gives you access to customer names, direct phone numbers, email addresses, job locations, and more. Social network marketing strategy can be equipped with such crucial information while creating personalized content. Hence, attract more attention from your audience than ever before. We offer you a marketing list of your choice – all requirements considered – and you have it. Custom-building a marketing list helps in developing a content marketing strategy.




How To Drive Qualified Leads Through Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing strategy has to have the elements that assure not only visitors but qualified leads. Streamlining the content and having the proper techniques in place can take your business closer to attaining qualified leads through content. 




One must understand that content includes everything – blogs, landing pages, social media, ad campaigns, and more. As we have discussed the importance of blogs in the previous section, we cannot talk less about landing pages. Many don’t know, but landing pages have the highest conversion rate (about 24%). We believe that landing pages are more synchronized content to grow interested among the audience. Businesses giveaway landing pages in email campaigns or ads and redirect each visitor to check out their products.


Content, be it in any form, has to contain certain elements that are unspoken rules to secure success. 


Let’s see if the content you’re producing has these below pointers –


  • Easily navigable and accessible information
  • The engaging layout of the content
  • Extremely eye-catching headlines
  • Vital information is shown in bullet points
  • Call-to-action buttons


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Create Content That Speaks Your Business


As a business, you have to remember that your content reflects your business goals and how you want your audience to perceive you. Everything that goes on your website or social media needs to be high-quality content. Every audience – from any industry – would judge you on your content. High-quality content with the right content marketing strategy can take your business to the next level. For the best techniques in content marketing, you must rely only on an expert.


An expert would tell you how, what, and when to post content that matters. 


For example, if you are a business that sells cars, you need to know which social media would have the maximum of your traffic. Directing all your marketing efforts into that social media channel would give the most responses is ideal. Choose from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or more. 


Email marketing, too, is a preferred method for many businesses as they have found the benefits of buying email leads. Many audiences prefer to be contacted via email campaigns. Approach them with the best email marketing campaigns that attract attention. Email marketing landing page is a way that’s appreciated by many audiences. Results show that adding landing page links on email campaigns has more views. 


What Makes Us The Best Choice?


Infotanks Media is a clear choice when it comes to opting for a brilliant content marketing strategy. We offer everything from SEO content writing, video content writing, blog writing, infographic writing to social media content creation. Our expert content team produces quality and unique content that suits your business goals. Our design team also adds icing to the cake by adding unique design to each content. The result of all that you ask for is nothing short of perfection. 

Developing a content marketing strategy from Infotanks Media is the best decision you will ever make for your business. For more information, contact us at

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