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Is finding relevant physicians or healthcare executives an issue for your business? Well, you must look for a partner that offers data & equips that data with digital marketing services. At Infotanks Media, we offer data-driven digital marketing services so that businesses can deliver results-oriented marketing campaigns. 


Have a look at what one of our clients has to say!


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We have 2000+ clients who have availed our data lists along with our digital marketing services suite. 

Getting access to a physician email list gives you detailed contact information but having a full throttle digital marketing plan along with it ensures that you market your business to the right audience. Infotanks Media offers SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, Facebook ads, and more such services that help in an enhanced brand positioning.

Digital marketing acts as an essential tool for any sales strategy b2b. With the prioritization of digital-first healthcare communications and the emergence of telemedicine, reaching out to healthcare professionals with your products depends highly on a robust physician email list. We render a customized email data list that keeps up the b2b marketing strategies for your business.


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Did you know that online activity for a user begins with a search engine about 93% times?


Therefore, in order to be on top of the SERP, the website ranking of your business has to be top. Search Engine Optimization is one of the major steps in our digital marketing strategy. Our proven b2b marketing strategies work best for businesses wanting to stay ahead of their competitors. 


Infotanks Media has the best physician email data list that is built to target and connect with relevant audiences. A business must aim to reach audiences that matter for your marketing strategy rather than reaching the highest number of healthcare professionals. Enrich your sales strategy b2b with the best physician data.


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Why Choose Our Physician Email Database?

Infotanks Media offers 150+ verified healthcare email lists that include information on doctors and healthcare professionals. Our targeted physician email addresses assure instant connection to hundreds of healthcare professionals who would be keen to buy your products or services. We cover every healthcare sector, from cardiology to pediatrician. Businesses wanting to market their medical devices can get closer to their sales target with our customized physician email addresses.


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With a physician email database, continue your conversation with the target audience via email. For that, Infotanks Media has an efficient email marketing service that’s handled by experts. We schedule email campaigns that promote your business best and generate leads! 


Since email marketing is one of the most effective forms of communicating with your audience, there’s no way you can’t let that opportunity go away. We provide sales lists with email campaigns to have maximum responses. For small businesses, email marketing fetches the highest return on investment.


35% of marketers opt for sending an average of 3 to 5 emails per week to their customers


For the best experience & guidance in scheduling email campaigns, Infotanks Media stands as the best choice. Find your target audience in healthcare with our physician email list. Get segmented email lists that help to identify your audience. Witness an increase in the click and open rates soon enough!


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What is the highlight of our Sales Lists?

Our email data list goes through a rigorous process of verification. A series of data activities from our end ensures that you find the target audience easily, convert them into customers, and increase sales like never before! Find out our data services –


  • Data Appending

We append names, email addresses, and 15+ more essential data points. The aim is to maintain data hygiene and yield high-quality data.


  • Data Licensing

To increase the accuracy of data and get rid of unnecessary datasets, we have our data licensing procedures in place. Get accurate physician email addresses.


  • Data Collection & Verification

Our team of data experts scouts data from the most reliable sources, assuring the authenticity of data. Businesses can rely on our data efficiency entirely.


  • Profile Enrichment

Improve business opportunities by identifying buyer persona & personalizing every marketing campaign. Engage with the right audience & boost sales!


  • Data Management

Data cleansing, standardization, deduplication, migration, verification- all ticks the boxes of accurate data. Purchase b2b email lists from Infotanks Media.


B2B marketing is effective in promoting or sending across the message of a new product or service. For healthcare too, knowing about businesses that sell the latest technology-based medical devices is beneficial for healthcare practitioners. Similarly, finding out the target audience for your business is helpful, especially to reach out faster & assuring guaranteed sales. B2B marketing is one of the best skills that Infotanks Media holds in promoting businesses. Our skills in marketing sets us apart from others. We are proud to be a combination of a data-driven digital marketing agency – it’s the best of both worlds for us as we guide you through it! 


For the best physician database, you need the right data partner – choose Infotanks Media out of all. Error-free healthcare email data list is important for any business to reach out to the right people. Make every marketing campaign count as you invest your effort & resources on a responsive audience. Increase business opportunities and convert audiences into customers with our comprehensive email data list.


How To Ensure You Have The Best Email List?


To choose the best physician email list, every business must keep in mind a few factors. Purchase b2b email lists only when you have these questions answered-


  • How clean is your email list?

Clean physician email list would include active, relevant and responsive email addresses of professionals you want to reach to. Cleanliness can be ensured by knowing how and where the emails were sourced, whether the emails were updated, or are these opt-in lists. Infotanks Media assures that all sales lists are cleansed & updated at regular intervals


  • Is the cost of an email list justified?

Email list cost can depend on a number of factors, but the cost in general would most likely be aligned with the budget you’ve set out for your digital marketing strategy. However, going for cheap email lists may be ineffective in reaching your marketing goals. Look for email lists that will fetch you better delivery rates and lower bounce rates.


  • Are the email lists segmented enough?

Segmentation of email lists are important as all audiences wouldn’t prefer the same kind of conversation. Equip your b2b marketing strategies with the customized email lists. Send personalized emails to healthcare professionals who might have different requirements. Segmented email lists give a more streamlined approach to your audience. Know what conversation is best suited for which healthcare professionals.


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What sets us apart from others?


At Infotanks Media, we aim to provide top-quality physicians email lists that help you discover relevant healthcare professionals. Market your medical devices & other medical products that audiences find relevant. We get you a verified healthcare email list that includes doctors & medical professionals. Create marketing campaigns to market your medical products based on their specialties. With a targeted free physician email database, straighten your sales strategy b2b for better. We have a wide range of healthcare sectors covered in our healthcare databases. From cardiology, pediatrician, endocrinology, to dentists, dermatology, & more, our experts scout data in all. Infotanks Media relies on the most reliable sources. The datasets are cleansed & updated every 30 days to maintain authenticity in the data.



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Why Choose Us?

As a data-driven digital marketing company, Infotanks Media has a lot to offer to its clients. We have served 2000+ clients across the globe. Our suite of services are personalized in order to cater to all the requirements of the clients. Equip your marketing campaigns with the best quality physicians data from us. Focused on achieving results, our datasets are aimed to procure the best results out of the marketing campaigns. Physicians email list from Infotanks Media helps medical devices providers to find their target audiences. Make medical professionals and healthcare executives find the right choice of medical products.

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