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Biggest Trends In Best Email Marketing Service Seen This Year


Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing strategies to interact with existing and potential customers. Its high ROI of 59% is a significant motivator for marketers to use it as a useful marketing tool. Another interesting statistic is that 61% of customers expect brands to use email to share information. Is this motivating enough to choose email marketing for promoting products & services? 


Email marketing is a handy marketing tool to connect to prospective customers directly. Despite the rise in social media marketing, emails are the most effective way to nurture leads. Effective engagement through email marketing converts prospects into customers and builds long-term relationships with one-time buyers. To get the best-paid email data service from the most popular email providers in the U.S.A, contact Infotanks Media. 


These are the top 3 reasons to include an email campaign in your marketing strategy: 


  1. Email is the best communication channel, as 49% of users expect weekly promotional emails from their favorite brands. 
  2. You decide who to communicate with through emails. The email list is under your control to ensure you optimize your time and efforts. 
  3. Several reports claim that emails have an ROI (returns on investment) of 4400%. This means the average order value of an email is at least 3x of social media marketing.


Let’s find out how you can drive more sales in 2021 using email marketing trends that never get outdated.




In email marketing, personalization means targeting a campaign by leveraging data. It could be anything from the first name, last purchase, their geographic location to several other data points. It can also include adding a name in the subject line or the beginning of the email. You can even change the design, content, or any other element based on the data points you want to target. 


Personalization can have a measurable impact on your business revenue and ROI. When a subject line is personalized, it is 26% more likely to trigger email opens than those without it. 


Personalization 8



Giving a personal touch to your email campaigns encourages more opens and clicks. It builds interest among subscribers with relevant information. It makes them feel important, which results in more engagement. 




Automation is a method where a specific event automatically triggers emails. These events can include subscribing to newsletters, downloading a resource, engaging on your website, or more. It helps you to successfully engage with prospects to build relationships and turn them into customers. 


You must adopt email automation for 2 primary reasons, namely, 


  1. Nurture leads by providing relevant information at the right time. You can provide insights on how your product can benefit them. 
  2. Email automation is a powerful technique to convert prospects into customers. Using the “know, like, and buy” style, you can convince them to trust your brand. 


Automation 8



Data-driven marketing


Data-driven email marketing is the process of acquiring and utilizing different data points to create effective campaigns. Acquiring relevant data is most critical for high ROI (return on investment). To personalize your campaigns and increase engagement, you need accurate data fields. A highly targeted campaign ensures your efforts are directed towards a relevant group that would be interested in your business offerings. 


Infotanks Media, the most popular email provider in the U.S.A, guarantees 95% contact accuracy and email deliverability for all campaigns with assured high-quality email data and the best-paid email data service. For optimizing your ROI from email marketing, you need to partner with the best email service providers. By creating personalized, data-driven campaigns relevant to your target audience, they are more likely to open emails, click on links, and eventually turn into customers. 


Email list 


An email database is the accurate contact information of your target audience. It helps control your campaigns and direct them to the right group of people who would be interested in your business solutions. The email list curated by the data experts at Infotanks Media goes through a stringent compliance process to ensure high quality. Purchasing a high-quality email database is most important for successful email campaigns. It also empowers your sales team to focus on conversions instead of finding prospects. Your resources are well utilized and motivated with high results. 


Email list 8





Segmentation is the process of segregating databases into different lists based on several criteria. It is a proven method that increases open email rates, click-through rates, and decreases the unsubscribe rates. It is also a vital technique to optimize email automation. There are different ways you can engage your audience based on their segments. Your email list can be divided into funnels such as new subscribers, locations, preferences, and more. Such segmentation can enhance your sales and marketing results. 


Segmentation 8


Key takeaways: 


The future of successful email marketing requires you to follow previous trends and create new ones. The digital world is ever-changing, and predicting its progress may be challenging. Using movements such as being data-driven will never go outdated. It is a result-oriented approach that establishes a more significant ROI. 

Partner with Infotanks Media, the most popular email provider in the U.S.A, to enhance your email marketing with high quality email data with a guaranteed 95% contact accuracy. Get in touch with our data experts for a free consultation today!

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