Data Licensing Services assures secure access to data

25% of data every year becomes inaccurate, leading to less effective marketing and sales campaigns.

Data Licensing

Data Licensing

IInfotanks offers data licensing services that allow secure access to high-accuracy data. With our B2B data, technographic data, and healthcare data records, it is easy to add maximum value to any business.
Data license creates numerous reselling opportunities, add-on verification processes, and expansion of current databases. We provide the most accurate, clean, and validated data that is secured and authorized.

Data Accuracy

IInfotanks focuses on maintaining the accuracy of data provided. While purchasing technographics data, B2B, or healthcare data, IInfotanks assures high data quality. Accuracy in data improves opportunities for businesses, resulting in conversions and lead generation.

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Data Completeness

Quality data always helps in taking the business a step ahead in the process of promoting services. Similarly, our data licensing services offer complete data sets. Incomplete data sets often miss out on crucial information that makes it difficult to reach the target audience.

Easier Decision-making

Data licensing updates and cleans the data available. Our experts always ensure that the data provided is of high quality. Relevant and high-quality data leads to better decision making. Businesses can make informed decisions with good quality data about their target audience.

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Better Audience Reach

Better Audience Reach

Updated and clean data leads to improved audience targeting. Reaching out to a broader audience can be inefficient and time-consuming. Streamlining the marketing efforts with the right data helps reach the right audience. IInfotanks provides data that helps to identify target audiences and approach them with the right techniques.

Effective Campaigns

Data quality achieved through data licensing can lead to improved content and marketing campaigns. With more information on audiences, it is easier to create content or ads that appeal to them. This increases conversion rates and ultimately to a lead generation approach to the relevant audience with marketing campaigns that drive their attention.

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Improve Customer Relationships

High-quality data achieved through data licensing can lead to improved customer relationships. Know more about customer buying behavior, interests, and requirements to offer them relevant products or services. Build strong relationships with customers with effective data-driven approaches.

Data Implementation

IInfotanks provides high-quality data to increase the efficiency of the business as well. The consistent flow of quality data ensures the proper approach and nurturing of customers. Quality data is effective in keeping sync among the various departments working together.

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Competitive Advantage

Better quality data ensures a competitive advantage over others. Use the data more effectively to reach the target audience and keep them engaged with consistent campaigns. Audiences feel connected with the business and its offerings. Increase opportunities, conversion rates, and generate leads instantly with quality data.

Higher Profits

High-quality data is essential for increased profitability. Data like technographics helps to know the technology stack of audiences. Approaching such audiences with campaigns related to their tech stack captures their attention and leads to profitability. Audiences feel connected to campaigns that solve their requirements and stand relevant to their purpose.

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Data driven Marketing Services

Attract More Prospects with Quality Data

15% of datasets contain duplicate data records. Increase opportunities with the target audience with updated data.

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Maximize Database Value

The clean and updated datasets provided by IInfotanks caters to a maximized database value. This leads to better utilization of the B2B, healthcare, or technographic data. Take wise business decisions on the basis of valid data. We help you gather insights into the potential of your database.


Regular Database Updates

Our data services ensure regular database updates. Data license services assure that there are no security threats to the data. Database updates are necessary at regular intervals to be consistent with the latest releases and fix any major hindrances. Data must be updated to be relevant.

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Identify Target Markets

With clean and updated data, it is easier to identify target markets. Identifying target markets is essential to streamline the products or services offered by a business. Choosing specific demographics and psychographics of the target audience is ideal for offering the services. This process is made easier by relevant data.

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Flexible Database Management

Our data services are compliant with flexible database management. With the database we provide, the data is adaptable to changes when required. Modifications in the structure of the database can easily be done with this provision.

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Consistent Quality Check

Our experts assure consistent quality checks on the data provided. Our data is ideal for businesses that need access to numerous contacts at the same time with their latest information. We have our quality check team who rigorously checks and updates each data in the sets.

Instant Customer Service

Instant Customer Service

IInfotanks has 24x5 customer services to resolve any customer queries or issues. We make extensive efforts in the direction of making customers loyal towards our services. We promise to solve your queries on time and offer you top notch quality data.

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    Data license is a legal instrument that specifies a standard set of terms and conditions regarding the share and re-use of research data. Protecting data with a license is important as there is a restriction as to who all access the data.

    The data licensing agreement clearly defines that the data is being licensed. This includes the manner and frequency with which the data will be provided or updated.

    IInfotanks premium data licensing services offer secure access to high-accuracy data. Get verified technographic, B2B, and healthcare data that add value to businesses with reduced costs incurred in data acquisition and retention.

    • Creative Commons Licenses for Research Data
    • Open Source Software Licenses

    While publishing data in a data repository, a license agreement is applied to the data. A license agreement is a legal arrangement between the creator of the data. Data licensing services by IInfotanks offer secure access to high-accuracy data. Data licensing opens up reselling opportunities, add-on verification processes and leads to an extension of the current database.

    IInfotanks offers the four types of licenses relevant to data.

    • Patent License
    • Trademark License
    • Copyright License
    • Trade Secrets