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If you ask a business about its immediate and future goal, the answer would be a simple one – profit-making. Profit is marked by increase in sales consistently. And, marketing campaigns depend primarily on accurate and efficient data. But, this caters to the fact that having ample data or data in bulk is not enough. Scrapping out data based on their usability is equally important. Get the best data appending company list from Infotanks Media. 


33% of businesses have over 100,000 of records in their database. Prospects and customers databases double-up every 12-18 months. And, 94% of businesses believe that their data is inaccurate. 

[Source: ZoomInfo]  


These figures about data prove the following points:

–  After procuring data from multiple sources, it is crucial to process the data. 

–  Data enrichment services ensure that the data helps you to reach the right people. 

–  For a better B2B lead generation, it is ideal to get your hands on quality data. 

– Technology, such as AI, plays a crucial role in making data relevant and efficient for organizations. 

–  Data enrichment makes raw data more useful. 

– Availing data enrichment service, you would get more insights into their customers’ profiles. 

– It is easy to provide personalized experiences for the customer. 

– Strong data enrichment processes are building blocks of verified customer records. 


Now that you know the advantages of availing data enrichment services, it is important to be informed about its implementation. Here are some useful tips from experts in data enrichment services that you can apply to your strategy –


  • Planning is the key

Before beginning with the data enrichment process, make sure you have a plan straightened out. Infotanks Media which ranks among the best data appending company list has three types of data to offer.


Planning is the key 8


  • B2B data – We track over 9.2 million companies across the globe to provide you with a comprehensive and effective B2B data list. You can get details such as key decision makers, designations, email addresses, etc.
  • Technographics data – Our technographics data can help you penetrate new markets, generate more opportunities, and help in creating marketing campaigns.
  • Healthcare data – Keeping up with the ever-growing healthcare industry is demanding. Our healthcare data guides you with impeccably researched data. This way you get connected to relevant medical professionals in the industry.  


  • Data segmentation

Organizations generally have huge databases with them – relevant or irrelevant. Handling such enormous data is not easy. Get the top data appending service list from Infotanks Media. That’s why we suggest you segment your data in groups or blocks and enrich each one of them eventually. There is another reason for it – data is ever-changing and you need to refresh it regularly.


  •  Saves you money

Plain and simple – data enrichment services save your money. Instead, you can enhance the internal data with external sources to get the best data appending company list for the benefit of the organization. The funds you have chalked out can be well spent on databases that would come to play for the benefit of your business. 


Saves you money 8


  • Build relationships that matter

One of the major advantages of enriched data is that you can create personalized experiences for your customers. With relevant data from the top data appending service list, it is easier to build plans to meet customer requirements. A customer will always feel inclined to your business when they see your complete understanding of their needs.


  • Execute verified targeted marketing

Businesses have embraced the fact that an all-inclusive concept doesn’t work for prospects anymore. Customers want to see the extra effort in your approach to impress them with your offerings. Personalized messages or email marketing go a long way. Target marketing is about knowing what your prospects want and offering relevant services. To know who your prospects are, what they want, and what you should offer to them is possible through data enrichment from the top data appending service list. 



Execute verified targeted marketing 8

Increase your ROI

The thing that we started our discussion with – profit-making becomes a reality with data enrichment. How? Well, it is simple. Data enrichment from the best data appending company list ensures that your database is clean and updated. So, you invest only in nurturing those contacts who have a chance of converting. With different offers, you can attract your prospects towards your business. This leads to easy increase in revenue. 


Increase your ROI 8


  • Enhance Customer Experiences


As a brand, it is your responsibility to present yourself as the best before your prospects. Give your prospects enough reason to trust and rely upon your services. Start with knowing them in detail. Know how you can help them with your services. Personalized marketing can help create excellent customer experiences. Data enrichment here plays the role of filtering out the noise and giving you only relevant information about your customers.


Enhance Customer Experiences 8



Key Takeaways


As data keeps on changing its nature – becomes stale after a while or obsolete, you have to keep updating it. That is why it is important that you carry out data enrichment on your segmented data. Of course, the process is backed by technology that cuts down the pain of doing it all manually. For data that benefits an organization, it is always smart to go for updated and relevant data. It needs to be value-added, actionable, and easy to interpret. Get a free consultation to understand email appending data service, phone appending data service, and more from Infotanks Media.


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