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Technographics Data-You Can Get Your Target Audience


Businesses of the day cannot move a step without technology. And, to top it off, data is the new oil to drive businesses faster. More so, technographic data service list attempts to segment technology for simplified and easier targeting.

What is Technographics data?

The best way to define technographics data is that it is the essential technologies and tools that every organization needs to keep its business up and running. Technographics aims to identify the technology used by your target audience and get a clear picture of their online activities and behavior. In short, it helps keep track of the number of products or services owned by a business. Such technographic data service list also recognizes the technology a business is using or any recent activity around tech stack.

Target Marketing

Even though your products or services are wide-reaching, it is not meant for all. Every business has its own set of audiences or consumers, commonly known as the ‘target audience.’ It is of utmost importance for businesses now to identify their target audience. Channelizing their plans toward target marketing is crucial. Rather than firing in the air, it is a better plan to identify your niche audience and narrow down to specifics. Buyer persona—a familiar term for every business that aims to personalize the experience for consumers. A personalized technographic data service can advance your business outreach but before that it is ideal for checking with the following pointers:



  • Demographics

This information includes every little detail about consumers. Starting from age, gender, geography, marital status, and others.

  • Psychographics

Understanding the customer’s psychology, values, interests, attitude, and behavior streamline the business’ strategy in getting to know the customer better.

  • Technographic

Leap the above and get to know about the software and technical preferences of your audience. This is what you call ‘technographics’.

Is it essential to gather Technographics data?

Yes, of course. We know that demographic and firmographic data stand as significant sources of information for businesses. They help in knowing their clients. To complete the puzzle of a business, it is equally important to gather insights from technographic data. B2B data providers know the right way to carry out the technographic segmentation.

If you are still in a fix to decide whether you need to get your hands-on technographic data, the answer would be a yes!

Every business has a different story to tell, a unique story that resonates through its tech stack. The more technologically equipped a company is, the chances are that its interest will be to spend time on future technological investments.

How can technographic data help your organization?

When you have a personalized technographic data service, you have to make the best use of it. It is highly relevant for most departments of your organization. Let’s see how —

  • Sales and Marketing

Through personalized technographic data service, it is possible to know the users of products and services offered by your competitors. It means that your marketing team can easily use this information and target these users across various channels. Ultimately, to turn these users to your clients. The sales team can add alerts whenever a prospect uses or discards your competitor’s products.


Sales and Marketing 8


  • Business Intelligence

Boosting your business intelligence team with technographic data can amplify risk mitigation activities. It also optimizes their decision-making skills. Technographics data highlights the ebbs and flows of different clients, their profiles, and their purchasing patterns. Business intelligence teams can utilize this information to identify new products and solutions that are expected to be high in demand.


Business Intelligence 8


  • Customer Success

To be ahead in understanding any risks relevant for the customer success team, personalized technographic data service can be of great help. While a client is trying out or testing a competitor’s technology, the business intelligence team can monitor them. Keeping a close eye on such clients would give a bright picture of their purchasing signs and triggers. Using technological data coupled with predictive analysis is the perfect match to locate your target audience.


Customer Success 8


Critical Advantages of Technographic Segmentation

In the age of personalization throughout the entire customer journey, finding the ideal customer profile can be a tiresome process. The definitive advantages of personalized technographic data service to help make your work easier are listed below:

  • Enhancing Sales Productivity

Some recent surveys reveal that 63% of the work done by a sales representative is often in vain and does not generate revenues for the business.

Here, technographics comes in with its capability of ensuring that the sales reps are fully productive in selling their product. Using technographic data into account profiling activities helps in achieving a more accurate representation of the Total Addressable Market or TAM.

  • Unveil Hidden Opportunities

About 92% of companies have been able to witness higher conversion rates from personalized emails.

With the help of personalized technographic data service from Infotanks Media, you can discover opportunities in your target market arenas. You can customize the marketing content as per your potential customers’ technology stack. Tailor-made messages suited to the customer requirements can increase the chances of positive feedback in terms of conversions. Customers can identify and appreciate the effort you have put in to understand their challenges and suggest a viable solution.

  • Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Companies practicing Account Based Marketing for B2B Companies clearly understand the benefits of technographics data. Technographics augment the firm’s firmographic knowledge. It helps in improving the communication and coordination between the marketing and sales departments. Creating ads or personalized emails for key accounts will improve lead scoring and you can focus on targeted high intent accounts.

  • Better Customer Retention

Turning prospects into customers is your first step in the game of long term revenue generation. But to retain customers throughout the journey could be your ultimate purpose. Personalized technographic data service from Infotanks Media helps in giving you the knowledge of market forecasting and drive your product development accordingly. Moreover, when you know about your competitor’s opportunities you can capture their customer base.


Better Customer Retention 8


Future Roadmap

In short, technographics data is here to stay. With the advancements in machine learning and AI, markets and ecosystems are suspected to be disrupted. The evolved processes will provoke them to rely on data and information. Technographics data is a vital component of customer and client engagement in the digital age. The better you use it, the more are your chances to grow. Infotanks Media is the best technographic data company providing personalized technographic data service. For an impeccable Technographic Data Service List, you can trust on our guaranteed real-time results. To know more about us or get a FREE sample data, contact today!


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