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40% of brands are increasing their PPC advertising budget, which means it has become a lucrative lead generation tool. IInfotanks offers the best PPC management services.


Campaign Structure

Making sense in the campaign structure is essential. This is your first key step to ace your pay-per-click ads. Organize campaigns by topics and themes. Streamline your ideas about the PPC ad and what you expect of your target audience. Reduce the chances of failure in your campaign by having a structure beforehand. IInfotanks knows how to structure your campaigns as per your requirements.

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Ad Formats

Use different ad formats to learn what suits best for your business. As a PPC advertising agency, IInfotanks can strategize paid advertising for your business. We optimize extended search ads, responsive search ads, and call-only options. Increase the chances of generating higher impressions and leads with different formatting options. Try different permutations by combining targeted keywords to track your audience responses.

Keyword Management

The success of your PPC campaigns depends on keyword usage. Adwords PPC agencies such as IInfotanks look for sufficient focus keywords to make the campaigns successful. We provide you with proper and relevant keywords. Create excellent pay-per-click ads with these keywords that users would instantly click. Expect higher quality scores and more excellent conversion rates with IInfotanks’s lead generating strategies.

Keyword Management
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Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is essential to grow your website. IInfotanks installs and integrates conversion tracking codes to monitor website performance. Our developers use the latest tools and procedures to increase website conversions and lead generation. Develop seamless paid advertising strategies to maximize the outcomes with conversion tracking. Build your ideal customer profile for PPC ads by monitoring their web activities.

Ad Extensions

Include ad-extensions of different formats such as call buttons, location information, links to specific web pages, additional text, and more to optimize your pay-per-click ad campaign. IInfotanks can guide you to drive higher CTR and increase the optimization score of your PPC account with ad extensions. Google My Business extension works best for businesses in need of local search optimization.

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Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

Make your ad campaigns stand out by offering unique selling propositions to your target audience. IInfotanks helps you with building USPs by including unique and differentiating ad copies and content. Engage your target audience to click on your ads and convert them into leads. Excel and explore opportunities in your target markets by promoting your unique selling propositions in your PPC ads.

Data driven Marketing Services

Expect Increased ROI With PPC Management Services by IInfotanks

75% of users reveal that paid ads make it easier to find what they need. Try IInfotanks for its PPC & digital advertising services and generate more revenue.

Radius Targeting

Radius Targeting

Streamline pay-per-click advertising with radius targeting that targets audiences only from your predefined location. Increase conversions and generate leads within your selected audience range. IInfotanks helps you to locate your target audience across different geographical locations and target markets worldwide.

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Accurate Regular Updates

IInfotanks's data professionals regularly update the contact lists for maintaining accuracy. Updating contact information increases the success rate of target campaigns. Approach each prospect with their latest contact information for better results

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Display Ads

Display ads are essential to attract the attention of your target audience. The use of videos, images, with supporting copies capture the interest of your target audience and encourage more clicks. Generate more leads with display ads with IInfotanks's effective strategies.

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Banner Ads

Attract traffic to your website directly through banner ads. It is a more direct way to push your target audience to click on the ad. See more conversions with clicks on the banner ads. Ask IInfotanks for assistance in creating excellent banner ads.

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Right Audience

Identify your ideal customer profile and build your target audience with IInfotanks. Use relevant keywords, topics, and services to approach your target audience. Personalize promotions of products and services with data-driven target marketing. Enhance customer interactions by identifying your ideal potential customers

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Testing with Multiple Audience

Use A/B testing to learn from customer interactions. Reach more potential customers and increase the chance of conversions by testing with multiple audiences. IInfotanks can guide you to drive maximum lead generation and website conversions by optimizing your pay-per-clicks ads strategy.

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    Pay per click or PPC advertising is advertising in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. Paid search ad is the most beneficial of all PPC advertising. You would see advertisements on search engines when you are searching for a particular product or service. In PPC advertising, businesses are charged only when a user clicks on their ad.

    The biggest reason why you should advertise your services with pay-per-click ads is that it is cost-effective. At IInfotanks, we specialize in cost-effective pay-per-click ads. You get paid only when a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. You can always choose how much you want to spend on your ads. Some other benefits that are reasons enough to advertise your business with pay-per-click ads -

    • Targeted: As per your business, you know who your target audience is. Use PPC ads that stand relevant to your target audience. This way, you get more clicks on your ads.
    • Measurable: Pay-per-click ads easily measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can determine how much response you can get from your ads or your return on investment.
    • Customizable: The good thing about PPC ads is that they can be modified or customized along the way. You can make adjustments as per the response and requirements to see what works best.
    • Fast: Through PPC ads, it is easy to determine whether you have hit it or missed it. If your ads get more clicks or what you have expected, it is a success.

    Pay-per-click ads are run on multiple platforms that make it possible to reach the target audience. Depending on your business's requirements, you should run your ads on platforms that your target audience access. IInfotanks guides you in finding such platforms and runs your ads on them.

    • Google Ads: The most popular of all networks is Google Ads because of the volume of searches made on this engine. More than 3.5 billion searches happen daily on Google. Your PPC ads are more likely to get clicks if you opt for Google Ads. We guide you to make PPC ads successful on Google Ads.
    • Facebook: Being the most powerful social network platform, Facebook has a high chance of making your PPC ads successful. Approach your target audience depending on their demographics, online behavior, and interests. We help you with the most efficient Facebook ads.
    • Linkedin: LinkedIn is the ideal platform or network if your target audience is professionals from the industry. Research reveals that more than 500 million professionals are on LinkedIn. You can set your target audience preference by job titles, descriptions, and companies with the help of IInfotanks.
    • Twitter: With 330 million plus active users, Twitter ads act entirely on it without any partners. IInfotanks helps you to approach the target audience on Twitter with a higher chance of clicks.

    Contact IInfotanks for effective Pay-per-click advertising that gets your business the most clicks from the target audience.

    When it comes to determining the PPC costs, some factors come to play. IInfotanks keeps in mind all of these factors while curating PPC ads for your business. The type of your business, the target audience, and a few other reasons cater to the pay-per-click advertising budget.

    • Account Size: If you have a more significant account, you need to set aside a big budget for your advertising. It would be best to push your target audience with ads that run throughout the day on search engines. Campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are what determine the account size.
    • Geographic Location: This factor comes into play if you are targeting an audience in a particular geographic area. If the population is high in this area, then you need to set aside a big budget for the ads. Get the idea of the estimated traffic in the geographic location you are targeting.
    • Industry CPC: Based on your industry, the keywords you have to target can have a higher cost per click. The more expensive your advertising space is, the higher is your budget.
    • Conversion Rate: If your business is new, it is more likely that you would have a lower conversion rate. Depending on what type of offer you have, your conversion rate will change.

    For any business that wants to appear in the search engines or SERP, they need to go for an Ad auction. As a business, you cannot pay more to ensure that your ads appear more on search engines for more exposure. This entire process works on Ads auction to ensure that every business has a fair chance to advertise on the search engines. Ad auction is an automated process that Google and other prominent search engines utilize the importance and validity of advertisements that appear on the SERPs.