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Execute data cleansing, standardization, deduplication, migration, verification, and more to ensure the highest quality of profitable leads.

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Data Management

Integrate, transform, and improve your lead generation through marketing data management. Focus on the core business activities of generating and converting leads while our marketing data management solutions enable you to identify leads within your target audience. Turn outdated and incomplete data into useful and reliable information to optimize your sales and marketing workflows. Drive the maximum results from the opportunities offered with proactive and accurate B2B marketing database management with IInfotanks.

Data Maintenance

Data is a dynamic resource that needs to be regularly updated. Annually, around 40% of data goes bad and 3-5% every month. IInfotanks has a verification process that is on-going and includes various techniques such as our AI compliance tools and a fail-proof manual validation process. Every 45 days, we run a comprehensive and stringent compliance process to ensure maximum accuracy. IInfotanks  is a globally recognized data service provider that ensures 95% email deliverability and 95% data accuracy with a choice of 15+ data fields.

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Data Cleansing

Data cleansing is the process of removing or updating information that is incomplete, incorrect, disorganized, duplicate, or irrelevant. A regular update of your database is most important to avoid formatting errors such as spellings, typos, and more. It ensures you have an updated contact data to reach out to potential leads and customers. Data cleansing and enrichment enable you to personalize your communication with potential customers or while nurturing leads. Expand your revenue generation sources with efficient and high-quality data cleansing and enrichment from IInfotanks.

Data Normalization

Data Normalization is a technique to organize your information to create relativity and context within the B2B marketing database of your company. Normalizing the database before matching and merging duplicates helps you rectify, align, define your B2B marketing data for easy usage by reducing redundancy and improving data integrity. It helps in streamlining the process of lead generation with an organized database that can be integrated with different CRMs and ESPs. Capitalize your existing data for effective lead generation campaigns by normalizing the database with IInfotanks.

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Data Standardization

Data standardization brings uniformity to your existing and new database, ensuring it is ready to use for analysts and other departments. It helps in forming guidelines for improving data efficiency and accuracy for higher ROI. Capture the most from your existing databases of potential and existing customers by ensuring their quality. IInfotanks can provide you with real-time updates of potential customers for quick conversion and turnaround time.Focus on data-driven marketing, lead, and revenue-generating campaigns with data standardization to identify and generate quick converting leads.

Data Deduplication

Data deduplication is the process of eliminating excessive data copies to significantly reduce storage capacity. It reduces existing storage and increases the scope of storing new data for maximizing the return on investment. Without interfering in your client and business operations, IInfotanks  runs your data deduplication process opportunistically. Data resellers can maximize the benefits by acquiring ready to use data that has been cleansed and structured. IInfotanks helps global data resellers to deliver uniform records of customers with greater efficiency.

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Data Migration

Data migration is the process of moving information from one source, format, system, or application to another. Enhance your business, marketing, and revenue generation performance and competitiveness with effective migration of data. IInfotanks helps in utilizing unstructured data through mandatory guidelines and effective compliance procedures for migrating data. Our time-tested and proven B2B data solutions have a guarantee of high deliverability and data accuracy. Increase your data quality to uplift your business performance and acquire more revenue for your business by using the latest tech-stack.

Data driven Marketing Services

Identify, capture and convert leads by managing data with IInfotanks B2B data services

Transform unstructured data into useful resources to streamline business sales and marketing processes across different channels with IInfotanks.

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    Data management is a process of collecting, validating, processing, and verifying data to ensure accessibility, reliability, and accuracy of data. Such data can be used to make informed decisions and gain customer insights. Generate more leads and improve conversion rates with an accurate database that contains high-quality contact information. Infotanks Media’s end-to-end B2B data management service keeps your data relevant and updated. We help in optimizing your marketing campaigns to bring out the best results by identifying and personalizing campaigns. With improved engagement, the chances of responses increase, which ultimately ensures more deal closures. Keep your data organized and updated with Infotanks Media.

    A data management strategy forms the roadmap to achieve the business, marketing, and revenue goals of an organization. It ensures that all activities, including data collection, cleansing, enrichment, normalization, deduplication, migration, and collaboration, work together seamlessly. It helps in controlling the effectiveness and efficiency of a data-driven organization.
    Effective data management strategy helps in the following ways:

    • Identify business opportunities
    • Strengthen data processes
    • Adopt suitable technology
    • Establish data compliance
    • Effective training modules

    Data management with Infotanks Media ensures top-quality results to streamline your lead and revenue generation process with regularly updated data.

    Big data is an important part of decision making in this digital era. Understanding your audience using various data sources helps you get closer to them. For instant lead generation, it is important to maintain an effective database. The different ways big data is stored and managed in organizations include the following:

    • Regular Encryption: Securing data and servers from hackers and cyber threats by regularly encrypting files and digital assets.
    • Warehouse Storage: Storing data and servers at a designated location with effective planning to streamline the storage process.
    • Cloud Backup Service: Saving data on cloud storage or digital storage to protect it from cyber threats and misplacement.

    Infotanks Media follows a GDPR compliant procedure to store and manage data for clients. It ensures all mandatory compliance are followed to protect your data against threat, misplacement, or any other unlawful activity.

    Data management helps in streamlining the process of lead and revenue generation by understanding your target market with real-time updated data. It is an important source to personalize campaigns when you reach out to potential customers. The role of data management essentially includes the following:

    Data management opens opportunities for effective data-driven decision making and marketing strategies. The ten popular data management tools include the following:

    • Oracle data management suite
    • IBM Infosphere Master Data Management Server
    • SAP Data Management
    • Microsoft Master Data Services
    • Dell Boomi
    • Tableau
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud
    • Looker BI
    • Talend

    Infotanks Media can help you in effectively managing data through various AI tools, applications, and software. Our manual verification process ensures 95% data accuracy always.

    Every database tends to decay by 22.5% annually. To ensure data-driven marketing campaigns for maximized conversions, you need to regularly update your database. A real-time updated data helps in the personalization of campaigns, which further increases the response rate and conversion chances for your organization. It helps in reaching your business goals quicker.

    Regularly updating and refreshing data enables your business to stay connected with your customers. It updates the ever-evolving buyer personas to ensure your marketing campaigns are ROI-driven. It helps you adapt and transform your marketing strategies to ensure customer engagement is enhanced.

    Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with potential and existing customers at every stage of their purchase journey. Data management helps you identify and concentrate your efforts on high intent leads and loyal customers. It ultimately ensures more revenue for your business by improving the customer experience.

    Effective data management helps in exploring multi-channel marketing for creating, capturing, and converting leads. It expands your lead generation sources by providing information about your customers. You can reach out to your customers where they are to ensure quick conversion. It helps you understand customer interactions better to encourage faster deal closures and lead conversions.

    Infotanks Media can manage your data to ensure your lead generation campaigns are effectively capturing leads and converting them into long term customers.