Data Validation and Verification Services

IInfotanks provides the most comprehensive data verification services to provide accurate and verified data.

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Data Collection & Verification

Data accuracy is essential to optimize the internal processes to speed up the journey towards business success. Our data experts’ team procures reliable data from various sources and puts the data through a rigorous verification process. IInfotanks offers a 90% email deliverability and contact accuracy. Get information on the most accurate and relevant prospects. Make marketing efforts streamlined with sufficient data on the target audience. Data validation and verification improves the quality of data.


Manual Validation

IInfotanks follows a rigorous process of data verification. The first step involves manual validation of all data fields such as contact names, title, email addresses, and direct contact numbers. Our team ensures that each information is verified and authenticated. Businesses can easily rely on such data to approach their target audience with marketing campaigns.

Domain Checks

IInfotanks undertakes email domain checks through SMTP and DNS lookups. This is done to identify deliverable and active email addresses. Our experts check whether the email addresses are valid or not. Email addresses are updated continuously.

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Opt-Out Emails

IInfotanks, as a data verification company, ensures opt out email campaigns to seek prospect permission. Prospects who do not wish to receive third party marketing emails can opt out. Our team of campaign managers follows the best practices in email marketing.

Social Media

While providing valid and reliable data about prospects, our team adds social media handles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Profiles on social media handles reveal a lot of information about prospects. IInfotanks adds only verified data from the social media profiles to provide sufficient information.


Data Repository

IInfotanks creates a final dataset added to the master repository for automatic updates every 30 days. Our team maintains a 30 days timeline for data updates on prospects. Any changes in contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, or names get updated automatically.

Higher ROI

Reliable data contributes to successful campaigns. Generate leads and witness an increase in ROI with verified data. Our team of experts continually updates and checks information on the contacts. Names, phone numbers, email addresses are updated regularly to guarantee success.

Data driven Marketing Services

Increase Conversions with Data Verification

Only the right data collection and verification process can streamline marketing efforts. IInfotanks offers data verification services for businesses.


Enhances Profitability

To manage every marketing campaign smoothly, valid data is essential. We provide valid and verified data to make decisions better. Expect quick business growth and returns on investment. Boost sales and profits with relevant business data.

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Reduced Expenses

Quality data verification reduces internal expenses. Business decisions are optimized according to the promotion of products and services. Efficient data makes every marketing approach worthwhile. Avoid unexpected expenditure by streamlining your campaigns to the right audience.

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Customer Satisfaction

Verified and validated data caters to satisfied customers. IInfotanks offers relevant data that helps reach the target audience. Approach them with personalized marketing campaigns. Generate leads and increase conversion rates with accurate data. Keep the customers engaged with updated information.

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Increased Productivity

Accurate and verified data ensures the best productivity out of business decisions. Quality data impacts business positively by catering to the requirements of prospects and turning them into leads. In-house productivity increases as the teams have relevant data to work.

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Increased Management

Accurate data assures smooth functioning of marketing campaigns. Efficient data provides the right monitoring and management. Our data collection and verification process ensures that the data is sufficient for the customers. This data is essential to streamline business processes.

Decision Making

Decision Making

Data driven decision making optimizes the results by minimizing the scope of errors. Explore opportunities with fully verified data while contacting potential prospects. Generate high intent leads with 95% guaranteed data and contact accuracy from IInfotanks.

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    Intent data collection depends on whether you are looking for first or third-party data. To find unknown first party data, it is ideal to look into CRM and web analytics. Analyze and track accounts that are interacting and consuming your content on an IP level through various tools. It is easier to find known first-party data through form fill-ups on the website. Acquire third-party data verified vendors. Identify your target market with the data provided by Infotanks Media to help reach the target audience.

    We provide you with intent data used to identify leads who engage with your content or the content used by your competitors. Use this data to map their buyer journey and begin to prioritize which accounts should be targeted. Personalized content helps to reach and retain customers for a long time. We use personalization tools to help you with customized copies and CTA.

    IInfotanks provides the most relevant email lists catered to solve the requirements of your business. We suggest email lists containing contact information of prospects whom you can approach with marketing campaigns. Make marketing campaigns more targeted and personalized with our email lists. Find information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses of prospects from the email lists. Send updates and promotions of your products or services to the contacts from the email list.

    We use industry best practices to collect viable data for our customers. To know more about our data collection and verification processes, you can contact us. IInfotanks understands the requirements of your business and provides the best suitable email lists.

    Email lists built and created by IInfotanks are made credible with accurate and relevant information. Get best results with improved data accuracy with Infotanks Media.

    Updating email lists is essential to get accurate contact information. We maintain and update our email lists regularly to help you with the latest information about your prospects. Approach them with authentic and personalized marketing campaigns for better responses.