Why Your Agency Should Use White Label Landing Pages


The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%


Source: Databox


For any agency that builds websites, landing pages creation is an inevitable part of the process. And, while creating landing pages white labelling forms an essential step. Even if you use a landing page builder, white labelling ensures that your audience gets to see your brand and logo. White labelling discards the landing page builder’s name & logo – thereby avoiding any distraction for the audience. 

What does white labelling landing pages mean?



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Putting across the name of a brand that came up with a software isn’t bad. It makes total sense that a company is putting its brand name on a tool or software. Often in landing pages, you may find the name of the company that designed the campaign landing page. White labelling comes in the picture as the process by which the landing page builder’s name is replaced with your brand name. The whole process of white labelling is therefore aimed at – clearing the confusion for the audience. 

Choosing the best landing page builder


A winning strategy for making landing pages successful is to choose the best landing page builder. However, there are few things that need to be considered when you’re opting for the builder to create a landing page design.


  • Ensuring that the tool allows white labelling

The first thing to check while choosing a landing page agency is whether or not they have white labelling feature. It’s to ensure that you actually have that feature within the tool. Many landing page don’t include white labelling feature in their tool. There are tools that offer subscription as per the availability of white labelling. As a customer, know what you’re paying for.


  • User-friendly landing page building


People using WordPress’s landing page builder may argue about the need of a landing page builder, but the truth is you need one – to get much better results. White label web design gives you ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) interface. White label agencies allow you to create and deliver landing pages quickly. Depending on one of the best landing page builders would automatically speed up things.


  • Flexible option to streamline development


 Make a smart move and opt for a builder that would do more than landing page creation. It keeps the room open for development in other areas. Top white label agencies may create the best landing pages – but that’s all what they do. Pick an all-in-one solution that does more. Customization is available on almost every tool or platform now. So, go ahead with layouts and functionalities as per requirements. 

Why consider white label landing pages?


White label web design gives you the full control over the branding of the landing page. What happens in this is – you get beautiful layouts and branding. Create custom landing pages with the help of a landing page builder. When you are talking about your brand through landing pages – better not let any other company come in the picture. Hence, white label is the only way by which you can create landing pages that are dedicated entirely to your audience. 


Having 10-12 landing pages for your website increases lead generation by 55%


Source: HubSpot


Best tools for landing page templates


Knowing about the best practice landing pages from a viable builder is the first step. A white label digital marketing agency offers you the ideal landing page templates and also tells you what works for your business. What you can do is know the best practice landing pages from them.


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Let’s find out the best white label agencies offering landing page design. 

  • Convrrt




With Convrrt, you can build stunning landing pages from their white label editor. There are hundreds of landing page templates available for the users & configuring each of them as per choice can be done through a simple drag and drop feature. Anybody – with or without the knowledge of coding can use this tool. The landing page builder is efficient in creating multiple landing pages – meeting professional standards. 


Convrrt can also be integrated with your CRM systems easily. It has clients from the software industry such as SendInBlue and Keap. From small to large – all marketing agencies can use this tool. If you have a lot of clients, this might be a good option. But, it might be an expensive choice for agencies with a handful clients.


  • Weblium




Agencies, freelancers, and web studios looking for custom landing pages can opt for Weblium. It offers custom templates that help you build landing pages as per your requirements. Add your brand logo wherever you want on the landing page, invite people to collaborate on the project, and transfer ownership of the platform to the clients. The interface of Weblium is designed similar to WordPress. Having several SEO tools allow you to send alt text and meta data before sending designs off to clients.     


For quick custom landing page building, you can take this up. Create templates and optimize each step of the process. Incorporate third-party apps into the landing pages. The best part about Weblium is the speedy process of creating landing pages. 


  • Landingi




Landingi offers a complete suite of tools that includes landing pages, pop-ups, forms, & more. It’s good for white label digital marketing agency that includes a lot of features. Get powerful features within the builder to create amazing landing pages. You also get to access unique publishing tools to connect your domain, adding the builder directly to WordPress. Landingi also offers some great personalization options. 


Easy integration and collaborating with teammates in one place are some of the noteworthy features of this landing page builder. A/B testing is done easily on landing pages to optimize sales efforts. Level up to some great client experience with Landingi. Custom coding, team roles, and sub-accounts are all taken into consideration while delivering great landing page design.


  • Duda




With a combination of impressive tools and features, Duda is an excellent landing page builder. It offers white labelling to clients wanting to build landing pages – all through an easy dashboard. You get to have your own account and dashboard wherein you can view all the activities taking place & make changes. Features that come along with Duda are – several template options, mobile design interface, and a drag-and-drop page builder. Use the builder to create landing pages with various logos and colors.


They also have best practice landing pages to show you how to effectively create landing pages. Use powerful analytics and statistics to understand the usage of your audience on your landing pages. 

Choose the best builder


Landing pages website is a website that has high chances of expecting increased conversions. With the best landing pages you can easily turn up website traffic. Landing pages created with white labelling enhance brand awareness among the target audience. One of the best ways to scale up website performance is to build efficient landing pages from the right builder.      

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