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Can Technographics Data Help You Survive the New Normal?

The New Normal

It has been over an year now that the world is suffering from the impacts of COVID-19. The global market has accepted the situation as the new normal and reciprocated with a whole different ball game. Working remotely began as the first step to bring businesses back to normal. Even amidst the crisis, marketers across every industry must stay on top of trends. Along with this, marketing tools and innovative ideas are ways to be unique from others. For most of the B2B sales-oriented organizations, the key is to work with the latest technology. 


Uncovering such data is best done by technographics. Through technographics data acquired from B2B Data Services, it becomes easy to know about your competitor’s technology stack. In other words, such data answers to questions like—

The New Normal 8

  • What kind of software or hardware are your target audiences using?
  • Are they using any installed remarketing technology on their website?
  • Is there an all-in-one marketing automation or a marketing stack?


Thus, identifying who your biggest competitors are in the market is best acquired through such data. But before we jump into knowing more about how technographic data, let’s view some of the impeding factors that keep market planning complex—


Traditional Approach Must Be Altered


Before the beginning of 2020, no one expected that the year would shock us in so many ways. This year has already made us over-dependent on technology. Therefore, we have moved away from the traditional methods of marketing. Let us have a look at what we have moved away from, if you have not yet, then it’s time now!


  • Use of primary input surrounded vendor sales data with little or no end-user insights.
  • Static data that do not react swiftly to changing customer behavior or environments
  • Tough to operationalize macro-level market data
  • Data-oriented to vendor market share and vendor volume analysis


Here, most of us would argue that on a point. 


If a marketing strategy or approach has proven its worth or has worked best for a business, why should you change it?


The short answer for this can be that you’ve been lucky! But, because something has worked for your business so far, it does not necessarily mean that it would work for you again. While embracing the emerging trends, think of ideas before your competitors think of them. Moreover, keep a hawk-eye on what your competitors are doing. 


In short, what can the marketing trends do for your business?


  • Keep up with the methods by which your competitors’ research 
  • Stay updated with changes in technology-buying behavior 
  • Identify the technology-adoption patterns of consumers 
  • Focus on your target audience to know their requirements 
  • Track recent market changes to determine future goals
  • Keep your business relevant among competitors and consumers


Changing the Paradigm of Marketing

In the world of B2B sales, technographics data acquired from the best B2B Data Services is at its peak. The way such information is changing the paradigm of marketing makes it apparent that technographics are here to stay.  


As per a survey, 77.2 percent of surveyed sales professionals say that data received through technographics are an effective way to target sales prospects. 


Why is Technographics Essential in the Current Scenario?


As an organization, you have an ocean of choices when it comes to solutions and technologies. This might put you in a fix as to why technographics might interest you at all? But once you remind yourself of the rapidly changing B2B market, you know that almost every day new products are coming into the picture. So, you are up against a world of competitions around. Thereby, having the right knowledge and awareness can give you an edge over others when handling your target audience or a deal in advance. Also, putting across your products out in the open isn’t the end of your efforts. Figuring out who would be interested in your stash is a task in itself. 


How do you find your niche market and put all your efforts into turning them into your consumers? 


Yes, you’re right. It is through technographics.


Using Technographic Data in Perfecting Your B2B Marketing Trends


Using Technographic Data in Perfecting Your B2B Marketing Trends 8


B2B technographics come to help in targeting audience segments. Understanding the challenges and personalizing the marketing outreach are added benefits. However, to categorize this well, we can talk about four such ways by which such data can be used in your business—


  1.     Customer Segmentation


Have a closer look at your targets’ technology stack or what tools they use to solve their daily business problems. If your prospects use marketing automation software like HubSpot and Act-on, you can assess your expenses. Investment in marketing automation means the business is serious about upping their marketing game. Technographics acquired from B2B Data Services such as Infotanks Media gives you an idea of the tools that targeted companies are using and what challenges they are facing. 


  1.     Account-Based Marketing


For most B2B organizations, ABM has become the buzzword. A deeper dig is taken on organizations that carry the possibility of impacting the biggest on your business through ABM. As far as the target audience is concerned, it means you will be able to provide even better personalized and tailor-made experiences. For such instances, technographics play a crucial role—in understanding your clients truly.


Account Based Marketing 8 1



  1.     Prioritizing your Leads


Don’t you think it is essential to invest time and effort into leads that are likely to turn into customers, than those with no possibility? 


Building a rich profile of probable leads is what technographics will do to engage with the right people, with a productive outcome.


  1.     Personalizing customer journeys

With the help of data that technographics gives you, it is possible to optimize the whole inbound marketing funnel and customer journey. This way, there will be easier to convert trial users to real-time customers. As long as a customer is with you, you’d personalize their experience with you and nurture them accordingly. The most-effective way to do this is through skillful content and relevant information. The entire journey would be based on the data you identified from technographic segmentation.



Personalizing customer journeys 8


Key Takeaways


Getting hold of a viable source from where you can gather insightful technographics is essential. Technographics companies like Infotanks Media help to end your search in this regard. By being one of the Top B2B Email List Providers, Infotanks Media has built a trustworthy customer base with its services. Guaranteed and valid data for your business growth and profitability is no more a distant dream.


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