Best Email Marketing Services to Approach Cold Prospects

Engaging prospects with cold email can be challenging. A regular office worker receives an average of more than 121 emails per day. This figure makes it undoubtedly getting your prospects to respond to your cold emails is a challenging task. Only the best email marketing services can get you closer to turning cold prospects into leads. Infotanks Media knows the ideal email marketing strategies to ace the deal. 



Benefits of Email Marketing


  • Targeted and personalized content: Email marketing helps to segment customers based on several preferences. Everything from crafting subject lines to including personalized content makes email marketing successful.


  • Better brand recognition: With email marketing, it is easier to make your brand known. Through emails, consistently send relevant content that engages your audience and learn more about your brand.


  • Generate more sales: Promoting your brand or business through email marketing, gives your audience the chance to make purchases on their smartphones. Boost referrals, upsell to current customers, and re-engage customers. 


  • Stronger customer relationships: Email marketing builds strong customer relationships by providing them with useful information. Apart from promoting products and services, engage the audience with meaningful business tips. 


  • Increased traffic: Utilize email marketing to attract customers to your website. Include relevant links to your site within email content. Engage customers and push them to stay glued to your website.


What does a cold email mean?

What does a cold email mean


Cold email is the type of email marketing that businesses send to those prospects with no prior business interaction. Sending emails to someone you haven’t known in any way is cold emailing. A personalized email comes to use in connecting with cold prospects and is hugely successful. The best way to approach cold prospects is to think from their viewpoint and send a suitable email campaign. Depending on this approach, your cold prospects would decide whether they want to take it forward or stop receiving your emails right away. They could delete, unsubscribe, or mark your emails as spam. Infotanks Media has multiple email campaign examples that are created to make prospects click on the emails they receive. For example, we include personalization in our newsletters, include links to landing pages and blogs, and share tips. 


Take a cue from the example below:


While writing an email campaign intended to grab the attention of cold prospects, it’s essential to find out what best suits each prospect. To clear out the confusion when you have created multiple emails, you must undertake A/B testing. Email marketing gets refined with A/B testing. It tells you about which subject lines to choose, using the right personalization technique, place the call-to-action (CTA) button, or even just the color of your CTA button. A/B tests always tell you the ones that are appropriate for each cold prospect. Email marketing services provided by Infotanks Media includes all the essential features that make an email perfect for cold prospects. 


Let’s find out the email marketing strategies followed by Infotanks Media in writing cold emails –

successful email marketing


It would be surprising to many marketers that changing the “from” line affects email campaigns’ success. And as a result, many marketers leave their “from” line once they have created a new email address. 


The “from” line is an integral part of your cold email as your email body or email signature plays a critical role. The line informs the email recipients who exactly sent the email. Your “from” line doesn’t only affect your first impression of the prospect. Instead, it also affects the decision of email recipients whether to open the email or not. Any email marketing examples would tell you to consider this idea. 


Remind yourself that your prospects don’t know who you are. The reason why it is a ‘cold’ email is because you send it to people who don’t know you or your company. Most likely, they have never heard of you or your company before. As a result, they don’t expect an email from your end.


There will be a suspicion among your cold prospects about the emails. Build the ground for trust with the right features in your email. One of the first few things that a prospect notices in your email are your “from” line. It is here where you earn their trust or lose them. If you fail to build a good first


impression, that could also result in your email recipients deleting your email even before opening it first. We review your “from” line before creating any cold email campaign. 


It is easy to change the “from” line. Every mailing software allows editing features whenever required. Implement A/B testing to check which line performs better than others. Use it in the next cold email campaign. From your email campaign examples, get the hint of what works better.  


There are many types of “from” lines that Infotanks Media suggests. We help you choose the one that suits your business.


First name (Rebecca)


  1. First name and Last name (Rebecca Rose)
  2. First name and Last name, Job Title (Rebecca Rose, Director of Sales)
  3. First name and Company name (Rebecca at
  4. First name + Last name + the Company name (Rebecca Rose at


There are many reasons why your “from” line stands correct for your cold campaign. It depends highly on the context of your email, your prospects, and the goal you want to achieve from your campaign. The purpose of your cold email campaign could be influencer outreach, sales outreach, etc.


There are few rules when writing the best “from” line to help you achieve your goal and match your cold email context. It should at the same time align with the ideas of your prospects.


Ensure you follow these rules while writing or changing the “from” line of your email with the help of mailing software used by us. 


Maintain consistency

Do not keep changing your tone and style of your email signature from the rest of your cold email. A shorter email signature could work better if you are going informally. Do not forget to add your first name and your company name. The benefits of email marketing lie in the fact that you understand your cold prospects from your campaigns. 

Remember to consider the perspective of your prospects.

Ask yourself questions like – Would you be happy to see this in your inbox if you were your prospect? What does your prospect generally prefer as the standard style of communication? Take a cue from email marketing examples of Infotanks Media. We have handled various cold prospects with different choices. 

Write unique “from” line.

Write a unique “from” line that resonates with your prospects’ expectations. If you think about it, you would know as you are the only one who understands and knows your prospects. At the same time, you are the one to truly understand what your prospects’ would like to see in the cold email.

Know who your prospects prefer to talk

Find out who your prospects like to interact with the most. You can use this information to construct the perfect “from” line of your cold campaign. Utilize the best time to send an email to your cold prospects. 

The perfect subject line

The perfect subject line

A subject line acts as the gateway to your email. A good subject line sets your first impression as a sender in your prospects’ eyes. Write an intriguing and informative subject line to compel your prospects to open and read them. Send a personalized email with the perfect subject line to attract more open rates. 


A bad subject line could make your prospects ignore your email. They can delete your email without opening it, or even worse, mark your email as spam that will cause a severe problem with your email deliverability. You don’t want that. The benefits of email marketing can be understood when your email deliverability is high. 


Ask yourself a couple of questions before going ahead. The answers would untangle many complications. Who are your prospects? What kind of solution do they currently want? Whom would they be encouraged to talk? How to take it further once they open your email? Find out the best time to send an email to them?


The ideal way to answer all these questions and any other questions you may have is by putting yourself in your prospect’s place. If you change your whole perception, it is easier to be your prospects and think like them. 


Avoid any pitfalls by ensuring the below pointers in the subject line;


Personalized Subject Line


It is better not to consider the subject line a place to promote your business. Instead, it is where you can promote your content and the value of your business. Utilize the subject line to prove to your prospects that you have carefully planned your campaign.


Show that you care about their responses, and at the same time, you can stay away from being a spammer. Have the habit of using personalized email to bring more attention to your email. 


Respect your prospect’s viewpoint


Consider your prospect’s opinion by placing yourself in their position.    


What advantage does your subject line bring to your prospects? What part of your subject line meets the needs of the prospects and satisfies their curiosity. Prove your prospects that you want to solve their problems. Know about cold prospects from our B2B email list. 

Write like a human

As you are writing your email for humans, make sure to write accordingly. Better not to sound like a bot anywhere in your email. Your subject line should be informative, casual, and friendly. 


And it would be best if you never tried to be forceful on your subject line. Our email marketing strategies mean the best features to be used in an email. 


Pin it to your entire email

Irrespective of your email’s goal, whatever you write as your subject line, ensure it connects with your entire email. It will increase your engagement rates and help you build trust and meaningful relationships with your prospects.

Ignite their curiosity

The best way to ignite the curiosity among prospects is not letting out everything in the subject line.


Trigger the curiosity of your prospects or pique them with hints of what you bring to them. Keep them guessing about what you have in store for them.


Introduce your brand

Sometimes it depends upon your prospects as to how they would perceive your brand. Better if you bring something unique for them while you are introducing yourself. Write a different company description than what is mentioned on your social media channels or website.


 Write a smart introduction that is intended only for these prospects. Since you will already know more about your prospects from the B2B email list, have a better approach. 


As prospects open and read your email, ensure to make a good impression right there. Introduce yourself and the company in a way that intrigues the prospect to read further. As they do, they would land upon any of the CTAs. 


We understand that you want to introduce your company and what it does. But, is it a rational move right at the beginning?


Be surprised or not, the answer is – no, it is not the right way!


These introductions work better on your website or social channels as the people reading your introduction here are coming to you, then decide to read your introduction. The crucial fact is that they may have more time.


Introduce your company in no more than 2 or 3 sentences. You must not introduce your company in every aspect. Instead, include the only elements of your company that are relevant to these prospects. Adding only the crucial highlighting points about your company helps the prospects in decision-making. They decide whether at all your company stands relevant to them or not. And when they find relevancy from the first few lines of your email, they move on to read the email body. Without sounding too compelling, you can get done with the job of impressing your prospect.


Use the introduction part to show care for your prospects. Ask about their problems that your services can solve. And if you already know your prospects’ problems, then include them in your introduction.


You can also leverage this opportunity to show your prospects that you decided to reach out to them strictly.


Provide value to your prospects

Provide value to your prospects


Here is the part where you tell your prospects what you want them to do, commonly known as the sales pitch.


Your company’s generic sales pitch won’t get you far. To give prospects a clear idea about what you are selling, show some of your benefits. However, we would say this is not the best approach.


You have to be subtle with your approach while are writing a B2B email list. You must not write your cold emails to close deals. Instead, you write cold emails to start a meaningful conversation with your prospect.


Include something that prospects find different. Push them to start a conversation with you. The best way to do this is to include things about them. Personalized emails work best in this scenario. Your prospects must know that you are doing more than selling your services.


When writing cold emails, the best course of action is to put your prospects as the focal point of your offerings. Add the most value to your cold prospects and witness the difference. Try to figure out the problems they are facing. Offer your services with the message that they can solve the issues. Make a move more appealing by using a storytelling element. Engage the prospects into your business, saying how you are the best fit. Assure them that you are there to serve.


It is much better to talk about the benefits and not about the features first. You can talk about the elements on your landing or services page. Highlight the benefits your prospects may get from your services. Better not to use vague services as it may leave them confused, failing to take any action. Another essential part is to link to the previous aspect of your cold email seamlessly. Write the succeeding cold emails to the same prospects. Resume the conversation from the topic that you talked about previously.


Finish it off with a CTA

Call-to-action is the most crucial part of any email. The CTAs used in cold emails must be attractive and persuasive. It is because CTAs are the window of possibility where prospects turn into buyers. Include CTAs that appeal to your prospects. It could be scheduling a quick demo, asking for feedback, checking out any service page, and others. In short, CTA should describe the desired action you want your prospects to take. Keeping your CTAs clear yet simple is best.


Include the following features in your CTA to make prospects click on them: 


Express your purpose: A successful CTA must include the goal of your cold email. However, it has to be short. Ask your prospects what they get from your services through each call-to-action. 


Short and to the point: CTAs cannot be sentence-long. It must be clear and serve the purpose. Doing too much in the CTA can send out the wrong message to your prospects. Request your prospects for a simple action or a quick response. This works well instead of asking them too much time out of their busy schedule. Nobody would be interested in going in for a half an hour call. 


Calling them is not a bad idea, but it comes across as too much in the first cold email. Build the ground where your prospects would go in for a long conversation only when they are interested. 


Make your signature stand out.

An email signature is a crucial part of your email and must be given importance. Speak through your email signature. Talk about your company and where they can find more information through the email signature. Email signatures help to keep your email body easily assessed, understood, and short. 


Make use of the following tips to create your email signature:


Ensure it is trustworthy


Sometimes giving the name of the company does not help you to cut it among cold prospects. Give away some information about your company to decrease your prospects’ chance of response. 


Add only necessary information.


Remove any information that does not add any value and is just taking space. Any information that does not help you make your case is not relevant; you can remove it from your cold email. In some cases adding a phone number to your email signature is critical, while in other cases, it may be irrelevant and unnecessary. So, remove everything that is not useful for your cold email.


Whenever you use HTML, ensure its clean


Complex HTML signatures may affect your email deliverability. When your email signature has a lot of HTML, your text-to-HTML ratio will be affected. And when the text-to-HTML ratio decreases, it may reduce your email deliverability rate. If you are unaware of how to check your email signature for HTML elements, you should use a simple email signature instead.


Short, simple, and personalized cold email campaigns created for a specific group of prospects are great ways to start a dialogue with someone you already don’t know to build new relationships and acquire new sales leads. Get email marketing services from Infotanks Media for the perfect guidance. 



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