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The ever competitive and advancing healthcare industry – particularly the field of oncology. Technology and breakthroughs in cancer treatments are continually penetrating the market. With technology having so much impact on the methods of treating cancer, pharmaceutical companies selling cancer drugs need to connect with oncology practices. Expert marketing strategies make the process much easier for the pharma companies to reach their goals. 


By the year 2026, the sale of cancer drugs are expected to double-up to around $311.2 billion.


Healthcare professionals are becoming all the more aware by the day to introduce novel drugs for cancer. They are wanting to know about the upcoming treatments in the field as well. Billions of studies, experiments and research are going on around the world to find out the one and all treatment to cure the deadly disease. 


Of course, the death rate has declined over the years and as per the latest findings – the cancer death rate in America has reduced by 31% – which is quite an achievement for the oncology field. 


And, to continue to witness the positive side of things, more and more pharma companies have to ramp up their processes in developing cancer drugs. However, research & development does not solve all problems. What lies ahead of this is marketing the drugs or any other cancer-related products or equipment in the most effective manner. 


That’s where the need of an expert internet marketing agency comes in. Choosing the right partner will help you figure out the best marketing strategies to market the products. Infotanks Media is one such partner that’s an expert in providing both mailing lists and b2b marketing strategies. 


What is effective marketing?

Effective b2b marketing strategies must be adopted by pharma companies in order to reach their target audience- healthcare professionals. Reaching out with relevant cancer drugs, products, devices, or therapies to the healthcare professionals is important. 


But how would pharma companies do that? 


The best way is to know the best marketing strategies from an internet marketing agency like us. As a data driven digital marketing company, our aim is to help you enrich cancer treatments with the latest drugs and therapies so that more patients find a cure. 


How would an oncologist email list help?


An oncologist email list has all the information about healthcare professionals in the oncology field. With information such as the contact names, phone numbers, email addresses, location of prospective healthcare professionals, you can effectively strategize your marketing campaign. The target audience of your pharma business is definitely going to be healthcare professionals who would want to try out the products and approve of them. 


Mailing lists are the best way to reach the target audience. We, at Infotanks Media customize each oncologist email list as per a business requirement. Demography can be a requirement while customizing the email lists. Clients can have more such requirements on how they want the email lists from us. Our email addresses list include doctors email list, nurses email list, & more.


What to expect from Infotanks Media’s email addresses list?


Business email lists from Infotanks Media are accurate and updated with the latest contact information. So, if you are looking to find out your target audience with our business email lists, you’re halfway a winner. Be it doctors email list or nurses email list – each healthcare email list that we provide are appended thoroughly. 


Our data experts collect data from the most reliable sources. Authentic information that’s updated every 30 days – check✔



get your hands on addresses list


  • Data Appending

A healthcare email list from us guarantees 100% appended information. Every information that’s included in the  b2b email list goes through a series of data appending procedures. Starting from email appending, phone appending, reverse appending, social media appending – we do it all. 


The data that a business avails from its expert data partner must have the latest information in it. This makes the marketing campaigns even more effective. Without proper information or any gaps in the database – your campaign may not reach the right places.


  • Profile Enrichment

Finding new opportunities with prospects can be made easy with profile enrichment. In case, you don’t have access to a database, you can try our b2b email list. Such a list is built with comprehensive details about your target audience. Boost marketing campaigns with personalization and increase engagement with data enrichment. 


We refine customer data to make it more accurate for your purpose. Infotanks Media offers profile or data enrichment services that help grow sales to the next level. Get more insights on customer data.


  • Data Management

Having a healthcare email list must have all the data management procedures in place. Data cleansing, deduplication, standardization, verification, migration – all together ensure the highest quality of data. Finally, when you have the email marketing lists, your campaigns are sure to be successful. 


Datasets get stale every few months – it needs to be updated every almost 30 days. Infotanks Media takes special attention to ensure that we have updates regularly to procure the best results. Get a 95% data accuracy from us when you avail our email marketing lists.


  • Data Collection & Verification

Wondering about where all the data comes from? Well, if you avail data services from Infotanks Media, you need not be worried about that as we have the best data collection techniques. Our data experts collect data from the most reliable sources and ensure its authenticity. We also have a thorough verification process – that guarantees results. 


Verification processes assure accuracy of the datasets. Infotanks Media promises a 95% contact accuracy. Generate the highest revenue for your business as you reach out to the most relevant contacts.


Make your digital marketing successful

Overall digital marketing success is marked by how well you strategize your campaigns. You need to understand what your audience prefers – do they like to be communicated via emails? In that case, you must try email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of getting closer to your target audience. 


Personalized email marketing – possible with the help of email addresses list leads to higher clickthrough rates and open rates. Increase conversion rates and receive more responses from your audience. 


What will make your audience respond?


  • Personalized subject lines
  • Unique & relevant content
  • Approaching at the right time


There are multiple such ways to make your audience respond to your email marketing. Like an oncologist email list will have contacts of cancer specialists who are looking for relevant drugs, new innovations in the arena or any new therapies that might aid in the treatment of cancer. 


Infotanks Media knows the best ways to get higher responses from the audience by implementing such techniques. 


Digital Marketing Services from Infotanks Media

Digital marketing services include all those techniques that create or build a robust online presence for your business. It is not about one or two techniques that make your marketing campaigns successful. Rather, it’s about the entire suite of services – search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, and a lot more. Infotanks Media is specialized in handling every service with utmost skill and in-depth knowledge.


If you are looking forward to ramp up your entire business online, then building a great social media presence is ideal.  


Why avail mailing lists from Infotanks Media?

We guarantee the quality of our email lists. As a data driven digital marketing company – we ace both the services. For a client who’s availing both the services from us would know that our datasets are high-quality and digital marketing techniques are results-driven. We are always up and about with our project deliveries. Understanding client requirements, we analyze and strategize our processes. For a successful marketing campaign, we deploy all of our digital marketing services – search engine optimization, Facebook and Google ads, social media marketing, content marketing, pay per click advertising, and others. 



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