Data appending services increase conversion rates and close deals faster. Maintaining data hygiene is a must for every business, and that is best carried out by proper data appending processes. Names, phone numbers, email addresses, and more data are appended to ensure high-quality information. Data appending helps in getting more of the existing and potential customers. Incomplete or inaccurate databases can reduce business opportunities. Outdated email addresses can repeatedly bounce back as undeliverable. Therefore, data is only valid when it is most accurate.

As per a survey conducted by IBM, flawed data costs 3.1 trillion dollars per year in the United States. That is why a clean and appended database is fundamental to every business. 56% of marketers believe that there is scope for improvement in their database strategy. Another 46% of marketers agree that they don’t have the time to invest in data quality management.

Choosing the right partner in carrying out the data appending services is an intelligent choice. Infotanks Media offers data appending to help grow your business. Increase conversion and retention rates with our services. We are among many data appending companies to have expertise in — email appending, phone appending, reverse appending, contact appending, mailing address appending, and social media appending.

Top 5 Tips To Grow Your Business
Top 5 Tips To Grow Your Business

Let’s have a look at some of the types of appending services.

  • Email Appending

As 87% of marketers use emails as one of the top organic distribution channels, email appending is the most common type. With email appending, you can open new channels of communication with relevant prospects. Grow business with email appending techniques. It becomes easier to reach the target audience using active email addresses. Keep your email data free of any outdated data.

  • Phone Appending
Phone Appending

Plan your telemarketing campaigns strategically with phone appending services. Grow your business as you contact prospects with updated contact information. Quickly identify new business opportunities and generate leads in no time. Engage potential customers with meaningful, personalized conversations. Offer and sell your products or services to the right set of audience. Infotanks Media provides the best phone appending services.

  • Reverse Appending

85% of contacts can be reached with the help of accurate, firmographic, and demographic data yielded through reverse appending. Reverse appending is a process whereby the current information is used to fill any gaps in the database. For example, a customer’s mailing address and name can be fetched through their email address. Grow your business with Infotanks Media’s reverse append services.

  • Contact Appending

Increase the chances of converting leads by adding alternate touches within the same organization through contact appending. Reaching out to multiple prospects is easy, with a higher chance of getting a response. Send marketing campaigns to your targeted audience. At Infotanks Media, we offer CRM-integrated data that is readily available for automatic contact matching and manually identifying prospects.

  • Mailing Address Appending

Grow business with mailing address appending. Through B2B email appending, it is possible to identify the geographical location of customers. Nurture and enhance customer relationships through personalized marketing campaigns. With the help of updated data, always be in touch with your potential customers and increase conversion rates. Infotanks Media helps in business email append, and postal address append to help reach customers.

  • Social Media Appending
Social Media Appending

We can’t say enough about the impact of social media and its benefits of approaching audiences directly. As the number of such channels increases, a business must append social media profiles to know their audience better. As one of the data appending companies, Infotanks Media provides the best social media appending services. Identify your target audience in every channel and approach them accordingly.

Reasons Why Data Appending Can Help Ino Business Growth

Data appending creates more ways to reach a lead.

Every contact that you approach will have a preferred contact method. As you contact customers to offer products or services, some may prefer phone calls while others email. Data appending services mainly take place on the existing information to find any missing data. Business growth is possible only when you approach the right set of audience.

Data appending find new prospects that are similar to your customers

B2B data appending services by Infotanks Media take into consideration the existing contact databases. We add any additional information to find leads with similar demographics. This acts as a decisive marketing edge because there is a massive chance of getting new business leads. Offer the new leads with offerings such as products or services.

Data appending remove outdated contacts from the email list

Data appending aims to remove any outdated contacts from the existing contact database. Clean and updated databases impact business growth on a large scale. For example, find out which contacts are no longer your prospects. Probably they have shifted their interest to another business. It’s better to remove them from the database without wasting your resources on them.

Benefits of Data Appending

  • Streamlined business practices

With no errors, inconsistencies, or duplicate data, you can well imagine the efficiency of your business activities. Data appending can increase enormous opportunities for your business as you use clean data.

  • More productivity

Accessing relevant data rather than wasting time on unnecessary data. Become more productive in day-to-day activities. Move away from incorrect data and use high-quality data to approach prospects.

  • Quicker sales cycle

Marketing decisions are primarily data-driven. When the marketing department has the best quality data, there’s a high chance of converting prospects. So, get clean data for a quicker sales cycle.

  • Better decisions

Hands down, better data means better decisions. Having access to better data automatically increases the chances of having better business decisions and hence better results.

Why Choose Infotanks Media?

Data Appending Services

Infotanks Media offers data appending services that clean and update your data to boost business growth. Choose us for increasing conversions and closing deals faster than you think. We believe in prioritizing customer needs and delivering accordingly. Give us a call for any data appending services and more!


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