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Build customer records with comprehensive details to boost your target audience’s personalization and engagement with data enrichment.


Data Enrichment for Sales & Marketing teams

At IInfotanks, we refine and improve customer data with our data enrichment services. Build contact records with comprehensive details that help understand customers better. IInfotanks enrichment services help to grow sales and marketing activities to the next level with customizable strategies. Our team understands the crucial role played by emails in data-driven marketing. Highly deliverable email addresses empower marketing revenue. Updated customer data promises more insights into the information on customers and guarantees lead generation. Data enrichment tools and techniques used by IInfotanks are the best in the market.

Profiles Enriched At Scale

IInfotanks upgrades individual records using various dimensions. Identity of customers, the social media handles, preferences, affinity, and online activity measures are part of profile enrichment. Our team works to gather data that is most essential in building profiles.

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Overall View of Profiles

Our team builds contact records into a comprehensive profile with a complete view of prospects in all aspects. It is important to know the details of a customer to approach with personalized marketing campaigns.

Advantage of Social Media

Gathering data from social media handles of the customer is a crucial step in data enrichment services. Data sourced from multiple sources have direct access to the interests they have. Enriched data helps in collecting information about the prospects

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Optimize for Better Targeting

IInfotanks transforms parts of customer records to complete profiles that offer a unified view of customers within the CRM, marketing automation, and stacks. Enriched data optimizes customer data to help in target marketing.

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Collect Valuable Data

Informed business decisions are possible with the right data. IInfotanks makes business data enrichment beneficial by improving the accuracy of data. More data is enriched with the right enrichment techniques and tools.

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Data Accuracy Improved

Our team at IInfotanks prevents the chances of data decay with regular enrichment processes. Maintain the hygiene of data to reap good results out of marketing campaigns. Increase the efficiency of data with enrichment and generate leads instantly.

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Helps Save Time

IInfotanks business data enrichment reduces the time spent on updating customer records. The use of automation in the enrichment process makes it more efficient. Reliable B2B data enrichment tools make marketing approaches streamlined by filtering out the relevant customer details.

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Capture More Lead

IInfotanks data enrichment process helps businesses to generate leads easily. Make the entry of relevant prospects smooth by following a simple form fill up on the website. B2B data enrichment tools improve the situation by helping marketers and visitors by making shorter forms.

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Better Profile Segmentation

IInfotanks understands the importance of proper customer segmentation. Segmentation is done with relevant customer information. Segmentation gives an edge over other competitors. Approach the target audience with segmented customer profiles. This generates leads and increases the ROI.

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Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Customized and personalized marketing campaigns fetch more responses. Data enrichment processes by IInfotanks ensures that businesses approach targeted marketing. Targeting such customers with personalized content increases the conversion rates and generates leads

Data driven Marketing Services

Empower marketing revenue

Empower marketing revenue with highly deliverable email addresses that lead to increased conversion rates with IInfotanks data enrichment techniques.

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Ensures Accuracy

Data enrichment ensures the accuracy as companies witness changes in their data system regularly. IInfotanks data enrichment services contribute to greater efficiency for business growth. It keeps the customer records updated and in sync with the continuous changes.

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Identifies Entries

IInfotanks enrichment services help identify any duplicate entries from current data sets. Data decay every month is on an average close to 8 percent. Use data enrichment processes to maintain the efficiency of data.

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Meaningful Relationships

Enriched data facilitates personalized communications that open up opportunities for meaningful customer relationships. Build confidence among prospects so that they are attracted to your products or services. Use relevant data to understand customer preferences and prioritize their needs.

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Maximizes Nurturing

A robust customer nurturing program opens up new opportunities. IInfotanks enrichment services help segment customers to be nurtured with value-driven information. Convert prospects into customers by attracting them with valid information on products and services.

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Targeted Campaigns

To seek results out of marketing campaigns, it is essential to avail data enrichment. Segmentation happens on the basis of geography, industry, and profiles. Targeted marketing campaigns with the use of relevant data is essential.

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Higher ROI

Data enrichment has a direct impact on sales efficiency. Clean and accurate data with personalized offerings have more scope. Our services keep the contact lists updated. A data enrichment strategy is important to maintain customer communication and sales closures.

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    Data enrichment processes help a brand or business understand its target audience better. To gain deeper insights into the customer profiles, enriched data is important. An excellent example of enriching data is to match internal sales data with third party advertisement data to get a clear understanding of advertising impact. Enriched data is an asset for any organization as it is more detailed and insightful.

    IInfotanks uses the best practices to enrich customer data so that it is easy to create personalized marketing campaigns and generate leads.

    • Web analytics: Understanding the online behavior of prospects to gain insights into their interests and optimize web usage.
    • Email engagement: Having an effective email marketing strategy to engage prospects through emails and generate leads.
    • Social media: Information shared on social media helps data enrichment, offering insights on the content that prospects find interesting.
    • Data capture: Forms and surveys are best to enrich databases on customer information and customize each marketing approach.
    • Loyalty rewards: Encourage prospects to share personal information with the use of rewards and get additional data on the top customers.

    Data enrichment makes raw data more useful. Enriched data is more refined and more detailed. Personalized campaigns help reach prospects easily and increase conversions. Strong data enrichment processes are an essential part of building significant customer records. Datasets are updated after every 45 days. Enriched data stands valid depending on customer goals. It is important to understand the kind of data required. Information such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, job profiles is all essential data to know a customer well.

    Data enrichment techniques involve the use of tools that take data from a CRM database. Data enrichment has a wide variety of applications. It includes both cleansing and appending data sets. Improve the quality of customer data by rectifying errors and updating information. IInfotanks follows a few simple steps to carry out data enrichment services.

    • Defining business needs: IInfotanks enrichment techniques identify the business needs and requirements. This speeds up the identification processes of the target audience.
    • Evaluate dataset accuracy: It is crucial to evaluate the dataset that is available to a business. The customer data accuracy from the current dataset is necessary to find out key targets.
    • Enrich segmented audiences: Enrichment processes begin with the segmented audiences. It is easier to approach them with marketing campaigns.

    Data enrichment refines, improves, and enhances raw data. The process of enriching data includes various techniques. The importance of data enrichment lies in the fact that there is too much data to be handled. For the purpose of any business, it is better to filter and refine the unnecessary data and get only what is beneficial. Data enrichment tools used help remove errors. As a result, the data provided is reliable and useful. Enriched data gives more information specific to a business. Improve a brand’s awareness with relevant and accurate data.

    • Collects valuable data
    • Improves data accuracy
    • Helps save time
    • Capture leads efficiently
    • Better customer segmentation
    • Improved lead scoring