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Enhance target  marketing  with accurate data to increase conversion rates with engaging digital marketing campaigns. IInfotanks offers the best B2B marketing strategies with high-quality data for result-driven digital marketing campaigns

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b2b data provider

B2B Data

Make IInfotanks your go-to data partner to acquire guaranteed data accuracy for streamlining your lead and revenue generation campaigns.

Technographics Data

Technographics Data

Get to know about the technology stack of your key prospects and approach them with targeted marketing campaigns. The dedicated research team uses data mining

Healthcare Data

Healthcare Data

Witness higher conversions with Iinfotanks s healthcare data. Access the most efficient healthcare data that gets you connected with healthcare professionals

Data Driven Marketing Company

Data Driven Marketing Company

IInfotanks stands tall as a global multi-channel data provider and the best digital marketing company. Having served 2000+ clients across several countries is a testament to our impeccable services. Our time-tested B2B lead generation strategies to marketers and business owners are focused on achieving results. IInfotanks delivers unique digital marketing services that are driven by data. We own and maintain 82 million business executives databases globally to fulfill your business requirements.


Streamline your marketing campaigns with targeted marketing by identifying your target audience. Choose our account based marketing strategies among the B2B marketing companies for a seamless experience in knowing your key target accounts. Generate demand, pipeline efficiency, expansion of existing accounts, revenue generation, and success with IInfotanks s account based marketing strategies.

Data Appending

Data Appending

IInfotanks offers impeccable data appending services to maintain the relevance of data. Access data that is updated every 30 days and increase business opportunities. Equip marketing campaigns with updated contact information that generates leads instantly. Our B2B lead generation strategies ensure maximum ROI. Make use of the latest information on prospects and get guaranteed results.

Data Management

Manage and leverage the full potential of in-house data with data management services from IInfotanks. Drive successful marketing campaigns with updated data. Avail of all data management services, including data cleansing, standardization,B2B Data deduplication, migration, and verification. Expect effective data management in the smooth flow of operations, customers, marketing, and sales.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Generate leads with effective email marketing campaigns. Increase opportunities for effective awareness generation campaigns and quality lead generation. Build excellent customer-business relationships and engage them with personalized campaigns. Choose IInfotanks to design, build, and optimize email campaigns. Ensure consistent follow-ups with the target audience with the help of email automation.

Data Licensing

Build secure access to high-accuracy data with IInfotanks s data licensing services. Get data acquisition services at reduced costs from IInfotanks. Enhance reselling opportunities, add-on verification processes, and expansion of current databases. Access the most accurate, clean, and validated data that is secured and authorized through B2B lead generation strategies.

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global data23

Global Data

Make marketing campaigns successful with B2B contact databases for any business requirement. Have easy access and understandability of their names, phone numbers, email addresses, company, and profile. Engage your target audience with the help of targeted marketing campaigns. Our data is available to all businesses across the globe. IInfotanks promises guaranteed results among B2B marketing companies.


Drive economic value directly by reselling data or indirectly. Provide value-added data and services to your customers and their clients with lead generation in marketing. IInfotanks ensures accuracy, relevancy, research, regular updates, and a complete data solution. Start empowering your business revenue by being a data reseller. Sell high-quality data and increase profits with remarkable expertise.

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Data Collection and Verification

Validate data for business requirements with the best data verification services from IInfotanks. Witness growth of sales and profits with the best practices in data collection and verification. Get reliable data procured by data professionals from various sources. Data collected and verified guarantee increased conversion rates and generate lead instantly.

Profile Enrichment

Have access to refined and improved customer data with data enrichment services from IInfotanks. We enrich and enhance individual profiles with in-depth information that reveals individual preferences. Following B2B marketing strategies, we add personalization to ideal customer profiles. Know your customers better with the information provided by us and engage them with targeted campaigns.

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Data driven Marketing Services

Build Your Brand Identity With Data driven Marketing Services From IInfotanks

61% of marketers say that their biggest marketing content challenge is to drive traffic and generate leads. IInfotanks has the best team of experts to make marketing campaigns successful.

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