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Generating traffic and leads is among the top challenges of 61% of marketers. Boost conversions generate instant leads for a robust sales pipeline with IInfotanks, among the best lead generation companies.


Lead Generation Services

Lead generation is the first step towards acquiring new customers. Generate targeted leads to grow your business and sales revenue. Get high intent qualified leads and increase your conversion rates with us. We create lead generation strategies that identify, collect, validate, and curate potential customers to reach your sales goals.

Lead Nurturing Strategy

Lead nurturing involves sharing relevant, personalized, and targeted information to stay on top of the mind of your potential customers. 46% of marketers with well-planned lead management strategies follow up on more than 75% of leads. IInfotanks, a leading lead generation agency, can help you nurture leads by segmenting them based on their personas.


Lead & Sales Funnel Customization

IInfotanks provides highly customizable lead generation services based on your sales and marketing conversion funnel. Once a lead is ready to get converted and enter the sales process, it is handed over to the sales team. If the lead requires more effort, the marketing team works to nurture and keep it warm until sales-ready.

Data driven Marketing Services

Maximize Sales And Revenue Outcomes With IInfotanks, The Best Lead Generation Agency

Find new customers, expand your product line, or grow your geographic footprint by connecting to the key decision-makers that would be interested in your products or services. Grow your business from anywhere in the world with IInfotanks, the globally recognized lead generation agency


Performance Advertising

Lead generation companies generate high-quality leads through digital marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more. Lead generation through paid advertising increases visibility and keeps you ahead of the competition by empowering your social presence.


Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your websites to rank higher and appear ahead of your competitors for relevant keywords, searches, or queries on search engines such as Google. Using content marketing, you can generate 3x more prospects than outbound marketing and reduce your expenses by 62%.


Data-driven Marketing

Understand your customers' buying habits with data-driven marketing. Tailor your sales and marketing campaigns using age, company size, geographic location, and more from 15+ data fields. Increase your business visibility to targeted audiences and guarantee higher conversion rates.

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    Anybody who shows interest in a business and its products or services qualifies to be a lead. They are the conversation or communication starters for firms through the website or any other source. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting high intent, potential customers through their interests in your products or services. The steps of a lead generation process include:

    • Discovery: Different marketing channels, such as websites, blogs, and social media platforms, are used to attract visitors to discover your business. There can be various sources that help your potential customers to find your business and its products and services.
    • Attraction: Providing relevant information through content, images, design, and more helps attract your visitors to stay longer and know your business better. Engagement is an important deciding factor for potential customers to convert.
    • Compensation: To increase your visitor engagement, you need to be quick and available to respond. By personalizing the compensation or reasons to opt for your product or service offerings, you can keep your prospects warmed up for a longer duration.
    • Collection: Engaging a prospect could include collecting their information or contact details for nurturing them. Once the prospects have provided their details, they are terms as leads. These leads are nurtured for conversion or make a purchase.
    • Conversion: Converting leads is the process of convincing prospects to choose your products and services. By encouraging them with relevant content, offers, and surveys, you can keep them warm and promote them to get converted as customers.
    • For higher conversion and top quality leads, contact the digital marketing experts at IInfotanks. We can help you form the best lead generation strategies based on your sales and revenue goals.

    Lead generation is an ongoing process of attracting new prospects to convert into customers. The best lead generation results are achieved through diversifying its sources. Concentrating on a single tactic can result in 'tunnel vision' where you ignore other possibilities of reaching out to potential customers. Though there are many ways to generate leads, you can select those relevant to your business. The different types of lead generation services include:

    • Outbound Lead Generation: the process of contacting and reaching out to contacts through emails and phone calls
    • Online Lead Generation: the technique of driving traffic to your website or a specific webpage to generate queries and leads
    • Third-Party Lead Generation: a paid source of generating leads through content distribution, lead brokers, list vendors, and agencies
    • Event Lead Generation: organizing trade shows, offline events, business breakfasts, and more to get access to information of your targeted prospects
    • Branding & Advertising: sponsoring and advertising on mainstream media, analysts, and more to build awareness and lead generation
    • Direct Mailing: by sending out hard copy printed mailers or brochures to prospects for them to get in touch with you if interested
    • Referrals: converting existing customers and partners into advocates to promote and refer your products or services to more prospects
    • PR: publishing press releases, editorials, and organizing press conferences to build mass opportunities for your business
    • Get complete lead generation services from IInfotanks to boost your sales pipelines with high-quality leads. Reach out to us at [email protected]

    Lead generation helps in supercharging your sales team to convert leads into customers. Manually reaching out to strangers may or may not lead to their conversion. Lead generation helps in identifying quality leads that qualify to be nurtured and get converted into customers. It also helps in targeting a specific audience that would be interested in your business offerings. With different sources of lead generation, you can expect more sales and revenue for your business. A quality and full-funnel lead generation process will simplify customer acquisition for both your business and the prospects. It brings interested prospects closer to your company for easy conversion. For the most optimized lead generation strategies, get in touch with IInfotanks.

    Lead generation marketing is a highly effective way of capturing and building interest in your business offerings for developing your sales pipeline. It allows you to nurture targeted leads until they are ready to make a purchase. Using various promotional channels, you can drive traffic to your web pages to start lead generation. The following are a few ways to generate leads digitally:

    • Content Marketing: Content plays an essential role in guiding visitors to your web pages. Creating content with useful and free information can help in attracting more targeted visitors. Using CTA (call-to-action) buttons, you can engage them to interact with you. The more engaging content, the more delighted is your prospect to click on your call-to-action button and turn into a lead.
    • Email Marketing: Email is the most optimal method of reaching out to prospects who already know your brand and its products or services. By personalizing communication through offers, subject lines, and more, you can encourage your subscribers to engage with the email and take action. It is a quick lead generation tool that is ideal for converting existing subscribers into leads.
    • Paid Marketing: Using targeted ads, you can specifically cater to your pre-determined audience. You can define your audience based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, and more while advertising. Retargeting ads are also beneficial when you want to reach out to prospects who have digitally engaged with your brand. Ads are the most direct way to reach prospective customers on digital platforms.
    • IInfotanks can guide you through your lead generation marketing irrespective of the channels you use. Get the most qualified leads through our effective and highly targeted lead generation campaigns.

    A lead is any person who has indicated an interest in your business' product or service offerings. A sales lead is generated by collecting contact information. You can access information to identify the interests of the prospect in your products or services. However, not all leads are worth pursuing. Qualifying leads is a process of identifying those prospects who are most likely to convert within a short time. It would be best if you defined leads based on your pre-requisites. IInfotanks can provide you with qualified leads through different channels of marketing. Get in touch to know more!