3.5+ Million Hospital And Medical
Executive Email List Across The U.S

3.5 Million Validated Physicians Database with 90% plus Email Deliverability and Contact Accuracy. Get Counts and Samples by Physician Type, Location, Company Type etc with our multichannel Physician’s database.

NationalTotal Counts
2.2 Million
Email Contects
2.2 Million
International1.8 Million Contacts with Emails

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Healthcare Solutions

Infotanks Media guarantees data accuracy and deliverability to focus on engaging prospects who would be encouraged to provide outcomes. The healthcare database includes personal health records, NPI numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, physician specialties, electronic health records, and more, useful for guaranteed leads and conversions. Such data can help you generate new revenue streams, physician networks, and medical products. Revolutionize lead generation for your business with a verified database of healthcare decision-makers, healthcare executives, and physicians. Empower successful lead generation through significant interactions, long-term loyalty, and product preference with Infotanks Media, one of the best healthcare data management companies.

Get access to Physician Specialties

Supercharge marketing strategies with accurate hospital email list

Segmenting hospital type on the basis of children, rehab, critical access, region, quality rating, and more. Get list of hospitals from Infotanks Media to equip health advertisements.

Analyzing financial status of each hospital by examining assets, reviews, debts, budgets, ratios, and cost centres. A list of hospitals can give you information on expenditure incurred by hospitals.

Review clinical metrics as how much is the average length of stay in the hospital, bed utilization rates, total acute days, and more. Health advertisements can be equipped with such information from a hospital email list.

Segment & analyse your 
target market
regional purchasing coalitions

Access to the claims submitted in order to check which treatments are handled by which hospitals. A hospital email list gives you in-depth information on the hospital claims.

Map affiliations with physician groups, regional purchasing coalitions, long-term care facilities, and other entities. Get a healthcare executives email list to know more about this.

Get access to Healthcare Professionals (HCP’s)

Data driven Marketing Services

Accelerate business opportunities to grow profits with accurate Health data of professionals from Infotanks Media

Build the profit pool and growth of your organization with an accurate database of Healthcare decision-makers, Healthcare Executives, and Physicians with Infotanks Media.

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Simplified Data Accessibility

Data agencies enable you to access structured healthcare databases for streamlining marketing and sales campaigns for high-quality lead generation.


Promote Products & Services

Promote your medical products and services directly to physicians by accelerating your marketing campaign to generate qualified healthcare leads


Verified Data Compliance

Acquire GDPR compliant healthcare data, which is verified and validated through AI tools and manually for relevance and accuracy

Move ahead of your competition to achieve your business goals

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Healthcare data analytics is the process of analyzing existing and past data to predict market trends, improve business performance, and spread healthcare awareness among physicians, healthcare professionals, specialists, executives, and decision-makers. It helps in acquiring health insurance claims databases, healthcare data, electronic health records, and more for high-quality business management and revenue generation.

Healthcare data sets include important information to understand and address health issues. Promote your products and services to resolve the pain points of healthcare professionals, decision-makers, executives, and other stakeholders. In the health care sector, demographic data includes personal information such as name, address, account or medical record numbers, etc., and descriptive information such as income level, educational status, etc. Together this information is important in the following ways:

  • Learn about real-time healthcare trends
  • Promote relevant products and services
  • Predict target market sales trends
  • Multichannel marketing practices
  • Generating leads and business revenue
  • Manage brand identity and business reputation
  • Grow business from anywhere in the world
  • Explore new business opportunities
  • Personalize and segment potential customers
  • Engage prospects through targeted marketing

Buy healthcare data from Infotanks Media to enhance your customer experience for higher revenue generation.

Data-driven business intelligence (BI) and reporting solutions can significantly improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline processes through measuring and leveraging healthcare data to identify new opportunities, grow existing strategies, and make informed decisions for maximized revenue returns. Healthcare data analytics can be used for the following:

  • Business growth
  • Sales forecasting
  • Revenue generation
  • Lead generation
  • Business management
  • Multichannel marketing
  • Personalization & segmentation
    • Get a better understanding of your target market and expand your business outreach with healthcare data from Infotanks Media. Our fully verified database includes NPI Number, title, State, phone number, email address, and more to simplify the lead generation and revenue generation for you.

Infotanks Media is the best healthcare data provider across the globe. Get access data to explore opportunities across North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and more from anywhere worldwide. The data provided by us includes the following:

  • 1.2 Million Physician Contacts
  • 250+ Physician Specialities
  • Global Data Coverage
  • NPI Numbers
  • Phone Numbers
  • Postal Address
  • Global Data Coverage
  • Email Address
  • Other Relevant Demographic Information

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