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Global B2B Data

IInfotanks makes marketing campaigns successful by providing a B2B contact database for each business requirement. The data lists contain crucial information about prospects such as their names, phone numbers, email addresses, company, profile, etc. With this information, create targeted marketing campaigns to get maximum responses. We understand and follow data compliance in each country. IInfotanks is the best place for mailing list service as we cover all Industries and sectors across the globe.

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Data Cleaning

IInfotanks cleanses all data monthly by matching it with the USPS National Change Of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4, and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep addresses accurate. Our services include fixing and removing incorrect, corrupted, duplicate, or incomplete data. We deliver reliable data in datasets and guarantee success in targeted marketing campaigns.

Data Analytics

Best mailing list companies like IInfotanks use data analytics and mining tools to identify companies and their IT infrastructure. It helps us understand the company and its requirements better. With reliable and relevant data, targeted marketing campaigns can be created to attract prospects. There are higher chances of conversions and increased ROI.

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Data Verification

Our data experts check the accuracy and find out any inconsistencies within the datasets. The data lists have accurately translated data with no errors or duplicates. Our research team verifies the data through email campaign send-outs, firmographic research, and manual contact validations. Buy email lists from IInfotanks with the guarantee of verified data for targeted marketing. Be assured to have the most effective data.

Data Segmentation

IInfotanks, the best B2B list brokers, carries out data segmentation to make the target marketing efficient. Our data segmentation takes place by departments within an organization. Segmented data provides every business with a more clear understanding of the sales and marketing activities. Data segmentation on datasets is done to identify more insights that can improve customer satisfaction and grow revenue.

Business Development Directors, Managers Email List
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Data Appending

Our expert team ensures that the data is updated with data appending services. As B2B list brokers, we provide only the latest and relevant information on contacts. The targeted email marketing list has accurate data on prospects necessary for every marketer. Run successful marketing campaigns and close deals with our email lists. IInfotanks is the best place to buy email lists for global data. Get in touch with global prospects.

Data Collection

We provide data accuracy for improved marketing results. Optimize internal processes to speed up the journey towards business growth. Our data collection services assure the reliability of data procured from multiple sources. IInfotanks guarantees the top-notch quality of data with 90% email deliverability and contact accuracy. Create marketing campaigns that are equipped with data on the target audience. Increase conversions and generate leads.

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Data Licensing

IInfotanks is the best place to buy email lists that contain accurate data. It adds maximum value to businesses with minimum costs incurred by data acquisition and retention. Our data licensing services opens up reselling opportunities, add-on verification processes and expands the current database. We ensure the highest quality of data to support the brand-building process.

Data Standardization

Data standardization services by IInfotanks is crucial to maintain a clear understanding of the contact details. The comprehensive database is made easy to understand for all businesses. They can easily access the dataset and find information to create marketing campaigns. Targeted marketing campaigns lead to more responses from prospects and increased conversion rates. Grow business and expect a greater return on investment with accurate data.

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Data Normalization

Our data normalization services cut down any redundancy within datasets. Data must be easily deciphered by every business. Our datasets contain normalized data that can be utilized for analysis and further queries. IInfotanks removes any duplicate data within the datasets. Businesses get clean and accurate data for creating targeted marketing campaigns. Our global email lists are finely curated with relevant information on global prospects.

Data driven Marketing Services

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Caters All Businesses

Global data by IInfotanks caters to businesses of all sizes. Businesses that require global B2B databases for contact details can avail this. The datasets provided by us are accurate and relevant to the needs of businesses.

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Accurate Regular Updates

IInfotanks's data professionals regularly update the contact lists for maintaining accuracy. Updating contact information increases the success rate of target campaigns. Approach each prospect with their latest contact information for better results

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Customization On Requirements

We understand the different requirements of all businesses. B2B contact data lists are updated and customized as per requirements. With the changes in requirements of a business, our experts modify email lists accordingly.

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Trustworthy Contact Sources

Contact details contained in the email lists are sourced from trusted channels and verified thoroughly. Get guaranteed contact details of prospects and reach to them with personalized marketing campaigns. Expect assured responses from the prospects.

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Data Protection Provisions

Global data provided by Infotanks in B2B email lists are in agreement with GDPR to match current data protection provisions. Our team of experts takes note of the regulations that are associated with data protection. We provide email lists that are completely aligned with the global email laws.

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High Deliverability Rates

High quality data accuracy assures high deliverability rates. We provide relevant contact information for each prospect. Targeted marketing campaigns become successful if the information is right. IInfotanks guarantees success with accurate and relevant data. We provide a 95% email deliverability rate.

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    IInfotanks provides the best lists of companies in Europe and globally for B2B. It is vital to have the right data while penetrating into a new market with products and services. Details such as names, titles, email addresses, direct phone numbers, company, social media, and others are required to approach prospects. Get accurate and relevant information through refined contact databases from IInfotanks. We guarantee high-quality data with promising results.

    IInfotanks provides email lists relevant to the requirements of each business. We cater to the needs and pain points of each business and provide data accordingly. To know more about what we provide in our email lists, contact us.

    • Expect accurate and relevant data
    • High deliverability rates
    • Regular email list updates
    • Customization as per requirements

    GDPR applies to every B2B data. As we collect contact data about prospects across the industry, we need to follow norms. Data that we collect include names, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, etc. Any information that is used to identify any person falls under the norms of GDPR. Such data is extremely important for outbound sales processes. Data is required to generate leads and move them through the sales pipeline. Under the new norms of GDPR, it is no more possible to use such data and contact prospects without their consent. GDPR only covers sales prospects in the EU. It is possible to use contact details only if the prospects have agreed to. Using an ‘opt-out’ option in email marketing is a safe way to not get into trouble under the GDPR guidelines.

    Yes, it is absolutely possible to target global industries with email lists provided by IInfotanks. We cater to all sizes of businesses present across the globe. We understand the requirements of each business and provide only the relevant information. With the data, it is easy to approach prospects with targeted marketing. Expect guaranteed lead generation and increase in business revenue with email lists. Contact IInfotanks for further information.

    We need to know the requirements of any business. Depending on the kind of prospects they are looking to approach, we provide them with the appropriate contact database. We help clients from all across the world. So, we understand the varied needs and how businesses work. Our B2B data email lists contain information that helps reach prospects with a targeted approach. Targeted marketing campaigns fetch more responses and lead to instant conversions. Infotanks guarantees a high deliverability rate and delivers data within 3-4 business days. Our data is in compliance with the data protection laws and benefits businesses effectively.