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With every $1 you spend on email marketing campaigns, expect a $42 ROI. IInfotanks offers email marketing services to reach your business goals.


Reporting and Analytics

Our team dedicated to email marketing services ensures that reports are sent to clients after every campaign. The report contains details including – successful email deliveries, bounces, opens and clicks, number of opens or clicks per user, number of opens or clicks by country, email deliverability by client’s inbox, opens or clicks by devices, and number of clicks per CTA button.


Segmenting email lists

Segmenting your email lists means you divide your list into smaller sub-lists of subscribers with similarities. The purpose behind this step is to offer and engage subscribers with relevant emails. Among the various segmentation factors, demographic information is considered vital. We segment lists based on buyer persona or ICP that includes job titles, departments, and size.


IInfotanks focuses on the importance of making audiences feel important. Audiences generally appreciate when brands and businesses add Personalization in emails. It makes them feel understood and valued. We use Personalization in our data and in email marketing campaigns to reach audiences.


Mobile optimization

Most audiences open and read emails on their smartphones. Make it easy for your audience to view your email on their devices. IInfotanks ensures that your emails look formatted adequately on mobile devices. Mobile-responsiveness must be an already built-in feature. We design each email that is programmed to fit in mobile devices automatically.

Email deliverability optimization

The success of your email marketing depends mainly on email deliverability. The best email marketing service offered by IInfotanks ensures that every email gets delivered to the inbox of your target audience on time. Reduce the chances of landing your emails in spam folders and reach directly to the inbox of prospects.


Engaging email newsletter design

Design and content work together in email marketing campaigns. We help you present your company, its value, and purposes seamlessly to your target audience. IInfotanks specializes in creating innovative and unique designs suitable for your business. Capture attention with an on-brand email design in your message or the CTAs used within emails.

A/B test email subject line and content

We take the help of A/B testing to decide on which subject lines or content would suit an email. Cut down the confusion of choosing while the subject line to go for or what content stands relevant for your audience. Test different email subject lines, CTAs, and content formats.


Use automation

We help automate email marketing strategy to make your business reach faster to prospects. Email marketing automation makes your email campaigns easier with scheduling. We use autoresponders, which are the most popular and simple form of email automation. For automatically personalized email series in different stages of the buyer journey, autoresponders work best.

Data driven Marketing Services

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67% of clicks go to the first five results displayed in search engines. IInfotanks offers top digital marketing services that keep you in the few searches.


Message Automation

Email marketing automation ensures that you send the right message to the right audience. Personalization helps in scheduling messages within the automation tool. Automated messages make the work easier for the sender by scheduling messages according to time.



Hypertext Markup Language is how your content or documents are displayed to your audience. We offer template-based designs where you can customize relevant content and images as per your choice. HTML allows you to design emails with photos, videos, etc.


Responsive Layout

IInfotanks can build responsive layouts for your emails. With a responsive layout, expect your target audience to respond more. The design and development of an email must have a responsive layout even when viewed from mobile devices.


Advanced-Data Maintenance

IInfotanks offers advanced data maintenance features by employing the best practices. Maintaining data is crucial to ensuring that data remains accessible and usable for its purposes. We have data management services that provide the overall data maintenance.


CAN-SPAM Compliance Built-in

Anti-spam laws and deliverability are essential to maintain email reputation. Avoid spam filters with GDPR and CAN-SPAM law compliance for maximum email deliverability. IInfotanks provides comprehensive email marketing services with assured 95% email deliverability.


Easy Integration

One of the best ways to integrate your email marketing strategy with your website is through blog posts and newsletters. The email templates from IInfotanks are easy to integrate into all CRM or ESP, or any other automation platform.

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    Email marketing is a form of digital marketing or direct marketing that uses email to promote your services or products. IInfotanks helps you with email marketing services to market your business or brand to your target audience. On top of that, email marketing is the best way to inform your audience about your business's latest offerings. For a successful marketing strategy that creates lead generation, brand awareness, and relationship building, email marketing stands the most viable way.

    The benefits of email marketing are manifold. Email marketing has become one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing.

    • Use of personalized content
    • An easier way of getting feedback and surveys
    • An affordable way of getting done with digital marketing
    • Approaching audience with timely campaigns
    • Reach out to the right people in the right hour
    • Giving more value to your audience
    • Expect higher ROI due to increased traffic
    • Easily accessible and easy-to-use
    • Strengthens customer relationships and builds trust in a cost-effective way

    IInfotanks understands your business requirements and offers you the most suitable email strategy for your business.

    • Taking the help of email marketing tools
    • Identifying your target audience
    • Create email sending schedule
    • Have defined email marketing goals
    • Format the email content and design
    • Personalize the email content

    Personalization makes emails more relevant and useful. Personalized content within emails makes your target audience feel important and valued. We make your emails and overall content attractive with our email personalization services. Include content with which your audience feels connected. More than generalized emails, personalized content adds extra points in making your email campaigns successful. Engage your audience with questions or surveys. Personalized emails results in higher open and click rates. Personalized subject lines are important if you want your audience to reciprocate. Personalization of data is equally important to know more about your target audience. We provide customized lists that have sufficient information on prospects and help in streamlining email marketing campaigns.

    Answering the 'how and why timing matters to email marketing' says that emails sent at the right time receive more attention from the audience. Emails deployed timely receive maximum responses. With factors like audience demographics and services being offered, it is essential to focus on email marketing timing. Time is a crucial parameter when you want to gain maximum engagement. IInfotanks tells you how to deploy emails at the right time, depending upon your target audience and your offerings. Scheduling emails based on when emails are generally opened is also a key factor in making email marketing successful.