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62% of marketers have agreed that they have seen an improvement in their revenue after adopting ABM. IInfotanks provides data for the best account-based marketing services.


Account Based Marketing for B2B Companies

IInfotanks provides the best ABM marketing services to reach the target audience and generate leads. Our team of experts specialize in creating personalized buying experiences for high-value accounts. An account-based marketing agency like IInfotanks aims to bring together the sales and marketing teams to collaborate and identify business goals. Account-based marketing helps identify the critical accounts and focus on engaging with personalized content, campaigns and effectively increase the ROI.

Target Prospects Using Buyer Personal

IInfotanks uses buyer persona to target prospects with marketing campaigns. Our ABM services help solve any pain points of prospects and reach their goals. Buyer personas give a more precise idea about prospects like their online buying behavior and others. It helps understand prospects better.

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Natural Leads Through Targeted Marketing

Develop and reinforce relationships with buyers at several stages of the sales funnel with IInfotanks’s ABM services. Increase scope for lead nurturing through targeted marketing. Personalized targeted marketing fetches more responses.

Identify Key Accounts Using Data-driven Marketing

ABM services by IInfotanks identifies key accounts. These key accounts are most relevant to approach with personalized marketing campaigns.


Data-driven ABM teams

Account-based marketing companies such as IInfotanks ensure that an organization’s sales and marketing teams become data-driven. As ABM teams equip themselves with data, it helps in adopting the right account-based marketing services. IInfotanks provides accurate data on manager profiles from each sales and marketing team dedicated to each account. Create personalized content to deal with existing accounts and close deals with them.

Identify target audience

IInfotanks offers high-quality and accurate data that is useful to identify key and high-value target audiences. The ideal way to get in touch with key accounts or set up an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is to set search alerts on LinkedIn. With our data, it is easy to create a workflow to filter qualified leads on specific criteria and tag them as ideal customers on your CRM.


Attract high-quality accounts

An account-based marketing agency with a strong ICP or buyer persona achieves 68% higher account win rates, as per account-based marketing statistics. IInfotanks provides quality data that helps in creating customer profiles. ABM marketing agency engages the audience on social media and LinkedIn InMail. Relevant data helps to send email marketing campaigns that are another effective way to engage.

Develop personalized content

After getting all the segments in place, plan on creating personalized content assets with accurate data. IInfotanks provides data that helps in creating varied personalized and engaging content, images, or videos. ABM teams can take the help of data-based content to reach the right audience and increase conversion rates. It also becomes easier to send email marketing campaigns to audiences with accurate data.


Personalized website content

Approach the target audience with personalized content in emails and on websites. Provide them with a personalized experience as they visit websites for information. Our relevant and useful data help create content that reflects services well. IInfotanks has accurate and pertinent data that help add and distribute content that engages audiences in your website.

Email marketing campaigns

According to account-based marketing statistics, 56% of marketers strongly agree that personalized content is key to a successful ABM strategy. Have an email marketing account that is effective in reaching out to your audience off-site. Automated tools keep the email marketing account active and send regular emails to nurture leads. Make account-based marketing successful with effective data provided by IInfotanks.


Social selling engagement

Engage with the target audience on social media platforms. Have accurate data on the target audience to engage with them easily. Gather insights on the target accounts by asking questions, building conversations, conducting surveys, and earning their trust over time. Many companies have benefited from social selling tactics. IInfotanks guides you in the right way to utilize social media with relevant customer data.

Right lead channels

Shift to touch more target points with lead channels with highly-effective data. Improve account penetration and increase brand recognition with more information on audiences. Relevant data used in advertising can lead to improved engagement. Targeting the audience with accurate data can encourage them to become more interested. Focus on accelerating the targets who have responded rather than cold contacts. Our suggestion is to invest in channels that provide impressions.


Leverage ABM analytics

IInfotanks provides data to account-based marketing companies to analyze and optimize audience activities. Update or modify the personalized content as per changes in audience behavior. It is possible to conduct regular tests that measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. The use of analytics helps in analyzing and optimizing results regularly. Improve the efficiency of ABM campaigns with the most useful data.

Data driven Marketing Services

Avail Our Data That Equip ABM Services And Assure Results

87% of marketers say that ABM initiatives outperform other marketing investments. Infotanks Media provides you the best account-based marketing for your business.


Expect higher ROI

Targeted campaigns lead to less waste and more guaranteed results. It is easier to generate higher revenue with our account-based marketing techniques.


Personalized marketing approach

Our team of content experts ensures that each account is approached with personalized and compelling content that resonates with their ideas.


Streamlined sales cycle

We help accelerate the sales cycle by influencing key decision-makers. It reduces the sales process by involving extensive marketing in the sales funnel.


Improved customer engagement

As ABM studies and understands each high-value account, it generates more personalized and specific content. Improve engagement with our data.


Increased brand awareness

With more regular personalized content distribution to key targets, the audience learns more about your brand and becomes interested in closing deals.


Better customer communication

Regular email marketing campaigns and consistent follow-ups contribute to better communication between your business and the target audience.

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    Account-based marketing has a number of benefits.

    Marketing and Sales are on the same page

    Improved communication across the organization is key to cross-team collaboration and growth. Account-based marketing ensures that your marketing and sales teams are fixed on the same goals.

    Maximize the relevance of your business

    Since personalization is a major factor in account-based marketing, your business's relevance increases for each account. With customized services and content, your business stands as the most suitable option for your target accounts.

    Consistent customer experiences

    Account-based marketing ensures that you send consistent experiences to your accounts. As you keep your accounts engaged with regular updates, they reciprocate accordingly. Make your ABM efforts remarkable.

    Keep track of your ROI

    With account-based marketing, it is easy to measure your return on investment for each account. This way, it is easy to determine which accounts are beneficial to invest in and which ones are not.

    Account-based marketing is a focused approach to B2B marketing in which sales and marketing collaborate to convert the target audience into customers. ABM relies on personalization to garner the attention of the audience and increase conversion rates. With a larger target audience visiting your website for trying out your services.

    We employ the right account-based marketing strategy to engage your target audience better. Infotanks Media follows a well-planned strategy for targeting key accounts.

    • To ensure the highest accuracy of data, we stamp all records and validate every business.
    • Establish alignment with sales and marketing teams
    • Define segments and target accounts with the right tactics
    • Monitor and analyze your campaign results
    • Regular optimization

    Account-based marketing is essential for businesses to focus on the right audiences to invest their resources and expect guaranteed leads. It is more precise than any other marketing technique as it uses personalized content to engage customers. With ABM, expect more results than what you invest. Account-based marketing also provides a clear understanding of marketing outcomes as customers interact directly.

    Account-based sales is an inversion of the inbound leads-based sales. Account-based selling targets the account first and then identifies potential stakeholders and decision-makers to reach out to. ABS strategy is more than just targeting audiences as leads and hoping to turn into customers. There are three stages involved in account-based selling.

    • Identify accounts to target
    • Conduct research on each high-value accounts
    • Identify decision-makers